Take control of your body roll with the CorkSport 3-Way Adjustable Front and Rear swaybars for the 2016+ MX-5. Tested on the track to ensure the best street performance, the CorkSport swaybars are a great compliment for the daily driver and the track rat.

Front and rear swaybars for the new 2016 Mazda Miata.

We spent a day at Portland International Raceway pushing the swaybars and CorkSport springs to their limits; we even bent the rear swaybar prototype! A failure in testing is actually a great learning experience. It allows us to improve the final design for you. With this intense testing, you can rest assured that the product you receive can stand up to the abuse.

Give your 2016 MX-5 more control with the CorkSport front and rear swaybars.

Both swaybars are manufactured from 4130 Chromoly Steel and CNC bent for a great fit. The FSB uses 1.125” hollow tube and ranges from 106% to 187% stiffer than OEM. The RSB uses 0.625” solid bar and ranges from 220% to 447% stiffer than OEM. Don’t let the percent increase scare you. The FSB and RSB are designed to complement each other. The RSB allows you to make big changes to the car’s under and over-steer characteristics and the FSB allows you to fine tune the big change. This is the benefit of the 3-way adjustability. So, whether you’re an experienced track day enthusiast or are buying your first sports car, the CorkSport swaybars have a setup for you.

Check out how the 2016 Miata swaybars look installed.

Included with every swaybar is a pair of 6061-T6 billet aluminum brackets and 90a durometer polyurethane bushings so you never have to worry about a broken bracket. That’s an $80 value!

Our swaybars for the 2016 MX-5 include brackets at no additional cost.

Take your MX-5 to the next level with the CorkSport swaybars today!

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At the LA Auto Show, Mazda unveiled the next CX-9 with one notable power aspect: a turbocharged 2.5 SkyActiv motor. Naturally, we couldn’t help but speculate about what this means for the new 2017 Mazdaspeed 3. What makes this motor special is that Mazda has officially tipped its hat at a factory turbo motor, which could be the basis for the next Mazdaspeed 3 motor.

What can we expect from Mazda with the release of the 2017 Mazdaspeed 3? We're talking new 2017 MS3 engine rumors.

It doesn’t look like much on the front side, but there are some promising aspects. With a center mounted throttle body, getting even airflow to all of the cylinders is an easier task compared to the last turbocharged motor Mazda offered in the Mazdaspeed 3/6 and CX-7.

The official power numbers are 250 HP on premium fuel and 310 torque. Mazda said you could run the engine on lower grade fuel resulting in only a decrease in HP (not torque) due to the design of the dynamic pressure turbocharger, which is used on this new motor.

Looking back at the CX-7, Mazda offered it with a smaller turbocharger to generate more torque at the expense of top end power. I expect to see a larger turbocharger fitted to the 2017 Mazdaspeed 3, which will get the stock power levels over 300 to start with.

Meet Derrick from CorkSport. Loves racing, Mazdas, and his CS fam.


Everything you need to kill it on the track and lower your track times.

“This is my race car. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Without it I am nothing. With it, I am everything.” If you couldn’t tell, we love racing over here at CorkSport. It’s in our DNA, and after time, racing has become an extension of who we are. Most people count down the days until the weekend so they can go have a sex on the beach at their favorite bar. We’re the polar opposite. For us, we look forward to the weekend because we know when Saturday comes, it’s time to line up or shut up. It’s the time to prove to yourself that you have what it takes to shave off track times. If you’re a drag racer like me, there are a few things that make a big difference at the track that you should consider when trying to set new personal goals.

Money is always a hindering factor when trying to modify your car. However, if you have the Benjamins then you will easily be able to modify your car the way you want, and get the most potential out of the parts you have. There are a couple of key performance parts you can add to beat your track times:

1. AccessPort: This is the most popular tuning device used by Mazdaspeed enthusiasts. It lets you adjust parameters in the ECU to increase power and fuel economy. This is a must-have when modifying your Mazdaspeed.


What mods you need to kill it at the track.

2. Fuel Pump Internals: In order to run more boost, you want to be able to run more fuel. You have to upgrade the fuel pump shaft so the pump can flow more fuel. This is also a must-have modification when trying to put more power down.

Mods you need to dominate the track.

3. Rear Motor Mount: The stock rear motor mounts on the Mazdaspeed are known to be weak when the torque gets to a certain level. Rear motor mounts are a key modification to reduce wheel hop and put the power to the ground.

CorkSport Rear Motor Mount

Now that you have those three modifications done, you can have some real fun. You’re able to install the big power modifiers to really start increasing power and torque. Follow this list of modifications for maximum performance:

4. Full Intake: The stock intake is very restrictive. The turbo inlet pipe has a pancake design, which makes the stock turbo choke itself out in the higher rpm range.

Mazdaspeed 3 Full Intake

5. Turbo Back Exhaust: The stock downpipe has a huge canister catalyst right off of the downpipe flange. That catalyst makes the exhaust flow speed go slower which will take away power from the motor. By opening up the exhaust section, you’re able to let the exhaust gases free flow, creating more boost and more power.

CorkSport Turbo Back Exhaust

6. Upgraded Intercooler: The stock TMIC does its job fairly well on the stock platform. However, if you’re planning on running more boost, an upgraded intercooler will be able to handle the added boost without sacrificing cooling efficiency. This is a must-have part. The cooler the boost air temperature, the more power you can make.

CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3 FMIC


Need more boost meme

Now that you’ve drained the bank account, you need to tie everything back together with a tune. To get maximum performance out of your Mazdaspeed, you want to be able to make the ECU recognize the performance parts you’ve added. If you want to squeeze the most out of your set up, you can run E85 fueling which allows for reduced knock which makes it possible to run more boost. Personally, I’ve noticed an extra 40whp going from my pump gas tune versus my E85 tune.

If you really want to kill it at the track, most people try to get their car to what’s called “fully bolted.” This means the car has every performance upgrade possible (minus an upgraded turbo, exhaust manifold, and intake manifold). Once you’ve become fully bolted, you should be able to slam down some really good times at the track. I’ve been able to get my car into the twelves on stock turbo, which is considered pretty good for stock turbo!

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Track tested and racer approved, the CorkSport Sport Springs are a perfect match for your daily driven 2016 MX-5. The CorkSport Sport Springs give the MX-5 an aggressive look without sacrificing functionality or ride quality.

Give your new Miata an aggressive look and enhanced driving experience.

Multiple spring rates were tested at Portland International Raceway to determine the best spring rate and front/rear combination to enhance the MX-5’s driving experience while maintaining a comfortable daily driver. Check out the track day blog!

Give your 2016 MX-5 an aggressive look and enhanced driving experience.

The CorkSport Sport Springs provide a drop of 1.6” in the front and 1.1” in the rear. This provides an aggressive look without having to worry about every speedbump and parking lot entrance. You might even notice a slight forward “rake.” This was by design so that the car sits level with two occupants.

Enhance your 2016 MX5 driving experience with the CorkSport lowering spring.

Pair the CorkSport Sport Springs with CorkSport front and rear swaybars for the ultimate corner carving MX-5. Plus, the springs are designed to work with the OEM Standard and Club model struts for an easy installation.

Your new 2016 Miata deserves an enhanced driving experience with CorkSport lowering springs.


Racing season is officially over. What do you do when it's the off-season?

The conclusion of the SCCA runoffs came in late September and the NASA western conference is all wrapped up. We’re approaching a horribly sad time of the year for us folk in the north: the racing off-season. Here in Washington, it gets a little bit colder and a whole lot wetter. The days get shorter and the racecars get put into the garages. Except for rally, that stuff goes on all year round because they’re bosses. But all in all, the season dies down.

I personally like to take this time to work on all those little projects I’ve been putting off during the summer months. That engine you were going to rebuild or those quarter panels you said you would paint and fix.

For the enthusiast, the off-season is a good time to bring your ride back up to where you want it to be. For the racer, the off-season is a great time to sit down, plan, and make a strategy for the up-and-coming season. It’s a good time to think about your goals for next year and plan out what races you wish to attend.

As much as I love racing, you still need to make good memories with friends and family that put up with your hobbies. So slow down and enjoy the holidays. Spend time with your friends and family because when summer rolls back around, your best friend becomes your steering wheel. And yes, those are chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

Take the off-season of racing to appreciate your family and plan your next season.

Photo Credit: gallery.asiaforest.org

So guys, what do you like to do in the off-season when you’re not driving the racecar as much? What plans do you have this winter? Share them with us and maybe I can try something new.




Mazda announced their latest concept car, the new RX-VISION. The new car will feature a rotary engine.

Let’s talk rotary!!! It’s no big surprise to any Mazda enthusiast, or car enthusiast for that matter, that Mazda released the first full concept look at the new Mazda RX. If you’re anything like us at the CorkSport office, you were giddy with joy talking about all the things the car may or may not have. I can say personally I was like a kid on Christmas morning as I saw the silk piece of fabric come rolling off the sleek sexy body line of the new car. I was thrilled. So like any true enthusiast, I want to share my thoughts on what I think we will and will not see when it comes to a production model a few years down the road.

Mazda rotary dreams have come true. Mazda announced their latest concept car, the new RX-VISION.

Mazda unveiled their latest concept car, the new RX-VISION with a rotary engine.

Let me first start by making it clear that none of what I’m about to say is confirmed. It’s my personal opinion on the car and what I think we will see in a true production model. SO here we go.

The first things to go will be the wheels and tires along with the side view mirrors. I’d say right now, with much confidence, that none of that will show up on a production model for various DOT regulation purposes. On that note, I think the A-pillar will move forward a lot and the roof line will be raised. I just don’t think that nice low profile will actually hit the streets. I think it’ll be a much more person-friendly entry for the average guy (or gal). Next, I don’t think the turn signals will stay unless they either get larger or are very bright. Once again, I base this off the fact that in order for this car to be legal to sell in the U.S., it will have to pass all DOT and NHTSA standards and they have quite a few in regards to glass, lights, crash test ratings, and much more.

Now for what I think we will see. We were all pretty much told that it will get a rotary engine but no details about the engine itself were released. On that note, I think we can say with confidence it’ll be a rotary engine under the SKYACTIV nameplate. It will have to be much cleaner and more fuel efficient than the outgoing Renesis engine to meet current EPA standards. I personally think it will be a naturally aspirated 3 rotor. I come to this conclusion because it will need the third rotor to make power — that really long hood profile tells me they need the room for something. Also, I think it will rev out real nice, as they all do, and be mated to a nice 6 speed manual of some sort.

The new Mazda RX has been revealed!

Like I said, this is all educated guesses of what I think will happen, but there’re still tons of maybes and what ifs out there. I think we’ll see the car around late 2018 or early 2019, with a price tag in the mid 50k range. Regardless, I think Mazda will deliver a great car that will live up to its legend and I’ll definitely want to drive it.

If you build it, they will come.




I bet you know this already, but we’re very excited about the new Mazda MX-5 and really, what’s not to be excited about! The ND MX-5 is sleek, sexy, efficient, modern, and an absolute blast through the apex.


Here at the CorkSport HQ, we’ve been working on a handful of awesome products and even had our first prototypes before we even had the car to test them on. But the wait is over. With prototypes in one hand and keys in the other, there was only one thing needed….Portland International Raceway. Oh, and for good measure we brought in Kenton Koch, of Kenton Koch Racing, to put our MX-5 and prototypes through their paces. Here’s how the day went.


The morning was a cool 55 degrees, but the CS team was buzzing with excitement. First session of the day was about to start, so Kenton was sent out with OEM springs and the CS front and rear swaybars in their softest setting. A couple laps later, Kenton came to the pits with concern for the rear suspension. Too our surprise, the coins of the RSB had bent, rendering the RSB useless. This was a real bummer, but a failed part in testing is a great day for warranty. Luckily, we were able to set the RSB to the stiffest setting to continue testing. Back to the track he went.


Kenton was able to finish the session without issue and returned to the pits with more feedback than we could absorb. He loved the car, but the springs were just too soft and the FSB needed a stiffer setting. Great! This is exactly the feedback we wanted to hear! For the next session, Kenton went out in an employee’s club edition to get a baseline feel of the OEM swaybars. In the meantime, the CS team swapped the springs out with our 35% stiffer springs.


Session three: launch edition MX-5 with 35% stiffer springs and the swaybars on the stiffest settings. Kenton came into the pits around the halfway mark and requested we move the FSB back to the softest setting. The session ended and Kenton returned to the pits with even more feedback! In the first half of the session, he was fighting a lot of understeer which is what merited the FSB adjustment. In the second half of the session, the understeer was much improved, but was still the most prevalent driving characteristic. We had another set of springs that were only 20% stiffer, so we installed them in the front and sent him out for the next session.


This was the ticket! Kenton stayed on track for the whole session this time. He was very happy with the car’s balance and had complete control of understeer/oversteer with just a small amount of throttle modulation. This was great news! For the final session, we adjusted the FSB back to the stiffest setting. This would tell us if the swaybars were a good compliment to the springs. Another session went by and again Kenton was very happy. The stiffer setting on the FSB pushed the car’s balance a little more towards understeer. This is great because understeer is typically much easier and safer for a novice driver to control, but the FSB also had the adjustability to put the car at a balanced state. More experienced drivers will appreciate this.

We wrapped up the day extremely satisfied with our results. We had a failure, we had many successes, and we learned a lot about the new MX-5. We can confidently say that the CorkSport MX-5 components are track tested and designed with the customer in mind. Look for swaybars, springs, and endlinks in the near future!


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I noticed something interesting today while checking out the “Spy Shot” Cx9, which has been driving around for road testing here in the U.S. Check out the intercooler parked in the front end of the vehicle.

What will the new Mazdaspeed engine look like and what can we expect from Mazda?

Photo Credit: caradvice.com.au

This can mean one of two things. The first, which is massively unlikely courtesy of VW, is a 2.2 SkyActiv diesel engine. The second, is that we’re looking at a 2.5 turbo engine out in the wild, which means all those rumors of the future Mazdaspeed 3 are looking better and better for next year.

Meet Derrick from CorkSport. Loves racing, Mazdas, and his CS fam.


Guys, we know you know how to take care of your Mazda.

If you’re mechanical enough to mod your baby out, you’ve probably been changing oil filters since you were yea high *hovers hand about two inches off the ground*

That said, we also know there are a lot of noobs just getting into Mazda maintenance, and that even the best drivers among us don’t always know how much it pays off to take care of your Mazda yourself.

So, to illustrate the point (and a helluva lot of statistics), we created this handy Mazda maintenance infographic. In the small chance you’re not already doing these Mazda fixes yourself, you should be; and in the big chance that you are a DIY Mazda guy, here’s a nice graphic to share with all your new Mazda driver friends.

So, behold, the DIY Mazda maintenance you better be doing if you consider yourself a car guy:

We know you know DIY Mazda maintenance, but a nice, clean Mazda infographic never hurt anyone, right?





You’ve heard about our Night Ride Sweepstakes, right?

Upload one little photo of your Mazda at night, and you’ll be entered to win our LED light kit for the 2010-2013 Mazdaspeed 3 and Mazda 3?

LED Light Kit Mazdaspeed 3

We thought so, because we’ve seen almost 150 of your rides at night, most of them in the first 24 hours of the sweepstakes. We’re thrilled, because we love seeing Mazdas lit up on the road after dark — and we know you like taking night pics, because we’ve been seeing them tagged with #CorkSport for years.

Well, now’s the time to take advantage of all that photography, and enter your night ride to win if you haven’t yet! The winner’s chosen at random, so you’ll have as good a chance as anyone if you enter today.

Just remember to hurry up. We’re picking a winner from one of these gorgeous entries on Monday, October 19:

Night Ride Sweepstakes

And hey: Don’t worry about those votes. If you missed the rules and didn’t catch that random part, they won’t affect your chances of winning, just of being featured at the tip top of the contest page.