We’ve got something your Mazdaspeed engine bay has been needing for a long time: Our new exhaust manifold heat shield—or as some folks like to call it: The Pimp Shield.

The CorkSport Mazdaspeed Manifold Exhaust Heat Shield

A new heat shield, you ask? Isn’t that just aesthetic?

Sure, you could stick with the OEM shield, but ours is manufactured from 5052 aluminum and ceramic coated, made to be durable and guaranteed to clean up the look of your engine bay.

Your current OEM shield sticks out like a ratty POS. Pop your hood and imagine this instead. The difference is clear:

The Mazdaspeed Manifold Exhaust Heat Shield installed

Our Mazdaspeed exhaust manifold head shield was CAD designed specifically for the MZR DISI engine, so it’ll fit over the stock manifold like a glove. Whether you drive a 2007–2013 Mazdaspeed 3 or a 2006–2007 Mazdaspeed 6, you need to order this for your bay today.

See more specs and photos and order here.






Guys, we want your feedback on a project we’ve been working on for the past year.

We’ve shown glimpses of our Mazdaspeed manifold from time to time, including the one below when we had it installed on Barett’s Mazdaspeed 3, which popped up on our Facebook page—on April Fool’s—while it was being tested.

Mazdaspeed Intake Manifold

This manifold is designed to be a bolt-in. It’ll work with the stock throttle body, stock intercooler, stock you-name-it. This means if you’ve upgraded to a front mount intercooler, it’ll also work as it keeps the OEM throttle body location.

We’ve been through a few iterations of the manifold, and below is a picture of the latest version. We’ve changed several things in the design from the last test version, including individual ports for the runners to install meth injection.

CorkSport Mazdaspeed Intake Manifold

In our testing, we’ve found spool to be 200 rpm sooner with the manifold installed. This has been shown on a 1st gen Mazdaspeed 3 equipped with the CorkSport turbocharger and a 2nd gen Mazdaspeed 3 with a GT35r installed.

We also had a peak increase in power of 17 horsepower at the wheels on the 1st gen Mazdaspeed 3 in back to back testing with the manifold.

So. This is where you the Mazdaspeed owner comes into play. We want to know: Would you buy this if we made it? The price for the intake manifold would be $725. Tell us your thoughts, and if you are interested, shoot us an email so we can keep you updated.





We can’t wait for our new Mazda MX-5. Every time more rumors surface about the next Mazdaspeed, all of us at CorkSport can hardly contain our excitement. Still: We appreciate nostalgia, and for all the performance updates that Mazda has made over the years, it’s still fun to reminisce on their past accomplishments.

For a small player in the industry, Mazda has released some incredible cars over the years. Some have evolved into the models we mod out today; some disappeared like dinosaurs. They’re gone, but not quite forgotten, at least not by true Mazda heads. These are six of our favorite Mazda models from the past.

1. The Mazda Mazdago

First vehicle manufactured by Mazda

Mazda Philippines

Is it a motorcycle? Or an ATV? Or a truck? Technically, the Mazdago was the first “autorickshaw,” but we remember it more as the first vehicle manufactured by Mazda.

2. The Mazda Savanna RX-3



Long live the rotary, right? We can’t wait for the new one, whenever that will be, but we love any shot from the rotary family. Given the Savanna’s huge success in the 70s, it won’t ever be forgotten, but it’s sadly rare to see one of these morsels on the road today.

3. The Mazda Titan



Not to be confused with the Nissan truck, this commercial behemoth actually lives up to its name. The boxy Mazda Titan is still around, and still not the prettiest truck on the road.

4. The Mazda Bongo



Technically, these sometimes trucks, sometimes vans remain in production—at least for a little while longer. It’s the photos of the first models, though, like the first gen pictured above, that catch our eye. The Mazda Bongo has never been a sleek van, but that’s OK when their main job is to be functional.

5. The Mazda REPU



This was not a popular truck. Known for guzzling gas, its appearance right before the 1970s gas crisis might have sealed its fate. The Mazda REPU was a lot faster than its competition, though, and we kind of love that it had a rotary engine.

6. The Mazda MX-3



The Mazda MX-3 died out the same year CorkSport was born, and we remember it for the performance modifications. The MX-3 was basically made for Mazda performance enhancement. If you see one on the road today, chances are someone’s been under the hood, installing a lot of upgrades.

Did we miss any? (Rhetorical question, people. Mazda has made a lot of cars.)





We have gotten some great response back from our customers who have the SkyActiv Mazda 3, 6, and CX-5s over the past few years with product suggestions and questions about power, technology, and more.

We're going to take apart and upgrade a brand new Mazda 3 with a SkyActiv manual transmission.

We decided to have an in-house example of Mazda’s current sport model of the Mazda 3, a 2015 2.5 liter SkyActiv manual transmission. As everyone’s favorite television series host has put it in the past: There is no better way to test the breed than motorsports. So that is exactly what we are going to do with this brand new Mazda 3. Strip the interior, outfit it with CorkSport parts, install some safety gear, and go racing.

Want some new Mazda 3 parts? We'll be selling off just about everything.

Yes. We are really going to take apart a perfectly good car to race on the track with a bunch of other people who suffer from the same mental disorder. We will be posting regular updates on the car as we proceed through the build, which will include time on our dyno and results on the races.

This also means there will be a garage sale on brand new parts from this car, interior, wheels, etc. It has every option so if you want something shoot us an email.

Stay tuned for updates.



Make your engine bay pop with our 2007-2013 Mazdaspeed 3 Aluminum Pulley Set!

Mazdaspeed Corksport Pulley Set

This sleek blue pulley set will catch your eye every time you pop the hood of your Mazdaspeed, giving your bay a nice personal touch of 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized CorkSport blue.

Installed Mazdaspeed aluminum pulley set

They come preinstalled with new OEM replacement bearings for quick installation—and they weigh 15% less than the OEM steel pulleys, so you’ll drop some weight when you add this mod. Oh yeah, and they’re precision CNC machined too, so they’ll look and perform great for years on the track and the road.

To learn more and buy your new Mazdaspeed 3 pulley set today, visit the product page, and watch the video below.

Pssst: 2006–2007 Mazdaspeed 6 owners, you can rejoice too. These blue beauties will fit your Mazda as well.




At CorkSport, we can’t wait for the new 2016 MX-5.

Our pre-ordered MX-5

We pre-ordered ours as soon as the sale went live, and we’ve been planning new Miata parts and upgrades since we first heard about the launch. The actual R&D has to wait until we have the MX-5 in our garage, but that hasn’t hampered our excitement—especially when we read the reviews of the lucky first drivers, who all love the car’s new updates.

This little roadster has been turning heads since it first hit the roads. During a recent balance test, Dave Coleman, the Miata Product Manager, said, “The Miata really is the most pure, elemental, simple, straightforward sports car you can get.” Whether you own one or not, it’s hard to disagree that the MX-5 is a beautiful piece of engineering. Just about every Miata model looks pretty and effortless—but at CorkSport we always want to know: How does it fare on the road? (Or better yet, at the track?)

We love speed, power, and handling at CorkSport, and most our products are designed to give your Mazda the most boost and control possible. From all of its initial reviews, it sounds like the new MX-5 engineers had similar aspirations, and from the videos we’ve seen, it looks like they succeeded.

Mazda UK just released a test drive video, showing how the new 2016 MX-5 compares to the original 1990 MkI. Given how much has changed in engine technology over the past 25 years, they gave the original a nice 4-second head start, just to make things fair. The result reveals the beauty of both designs—and promises viewers that the new Miata will be just as fun (and great) to drive as the first one.

If that doesn’t make you want to hit the track in a Miata, nothing will. We can’t wait to do tests of our own, so stay tuned.





Dear Car Guy,

We’ve recently been talking a lot about the costs associated with being a Car Guy. Although many of those are monetary, I wanted to point out a few that perhaps get overlooked from time to time.

Here are some of them, plus some other signs you know you’re a Car Guy:

1. You cancel weekend plans when you get a new part in the mail.

Waiting for New Car Parts

2. Your knuckles look like you could possibly be a bar brawler… Slipping with one too many wrenches, eh?



3. After a race weekend your neck or back is sore whether or not you crashed… things can get tense when you’re invested.

4. Your finger nails haven’t looked ‘clean’ since your wife made you scrub for a couple hours to go to a wedding last month.

Dirty Mechanic Nails

5. You’re just as possessive of your tools as you are of your car.

Tool Possession

6. You can handle a fight with your lady, an overzealous and annoying boss, and your best friend being flakey, however there is no excuse when car parts are delayed.

Delayed Car Parts

7. You know your acquaintances by what they drive—not what they’re named… You know: Luke with the Red Gen1…

8. You plan your vacations around the next big car meet.

Next Racing Weekend

9. You have never understood why people use a tax return for anything other than car parts.

New Car Parts Tax Return

10. You get offended when people say DIBS at the possibility of you parting out.

Part Out



Kim Russell-01


It’s no secret at CorkSport we love our cars, and we love working with customers who feel the same way about theirs. That shared enthusiasm is a huge part of CorkSport; it’s something we look for whenever we bring on a new team member. The love of Mazdas was immediately evident when we first met Luke McCarvel, and we’re thrilled to announce he’s the latest member of CorkSport!

Since you may talk with or meet him in the coming months, we asked him to go ahead and write a little introduction—and show off his Mazdaspeed 3, pictured here, with his message below.

Luke McCarvel's Mazdaspeed 3

Hi, CorkSport community! My name is Luke McCarvel and I’m the newest member of the CorkSport team! I’ve been a part of the speed community for a little over two years now and I couldn’t be any happier with the opportunity I’ve had to meet great people and have lots of fun.

A little bit about my car: It’s a 2009 true red Mazdaspeed 3 with full bolt-ons. All of the work I’ve done myself, and it has been quite satisfying. I’m a track rat and any chance I get to push the platform further is a chance I’m willing to take.

I am very excited to be a part of this team and look forward to the new journey I am starting with some awesome people and awesome customers. I can’t wait to see what the future holds and how I can help people achieve their goals with their cars!!




We’ve been gearing up for months for the release of our turbocharger for the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Mazdaspeed 3 and 2006-2007 Mazdaspeed 6, and on Wednesday the wait was over.

CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3 Replacement Turbocharger

After countless hours designing, testing, and adjusting, we released our drop-in turbo for the Mazdaspeed, and we’re very proud of it—and thrilled about the responses we’ve already received from our beta testers. (See the first reviews on the listing.)

Beta testers for the new Mazda turbocharger

Obviously, with a product this big, we wanted to inform our CorkSport customers as much as possible about the advantages of our turbo vs. the OEM and competitors, and how much power buyers could expect to gain.

Barett wrote a huge white paper on the turbocharger, detailing all of this. From the benefit of a drop-in (no new coolant lines, oil lines, or a intake system are required to install and operate it) to the details of a turbocharger’s anatomy, you can read all about what makes our turbo stand apart.

Our goal was to create a performance-driven turbocharger that wouldn’t break your bank or require a mechanical engineering degree to install. We’re happy to say we succeeded, but see for yourself.

Order your Mazdaspeed turbocharger here today, though be sure to read Barett’s white paper first. It’s long but good.




Dear CorkSport Customers,

Thank you.

Thank you for over two years of being awesome customers and making my job incredible! If you haven’t heard yet, I’ll be leaving CorkSport on May 19th to pursue my next dream, which is exciting, and sad. After more than two years of being at CorkSport I have learned so much and worked with thousands of incredible customers!

With that said, I wanted to leave you all with a giant thanks, and some things I have learned:

1: Mazda has the most Zoom-Zoom

During my time here, I got to work on, drive, and chat about everything from Mazda 323 GTXs to 2018 Mazdaspeed 3s! Throughout the years of different cars, models, and generations, what I’ve learned is that Mazda really does know how to make some of the MOST FUN cars available. Not only do they make some of the best cars to drive, but they do it at a reasonable price and with incredible reliability (typically….. I’m looking at you timing chain…..). Whether you want cheap cornering (Miata MX-5), high-power (Mazdaspeed 3/6), rally car fun (323 GTX), continual 9000rpm buzzing (RX7/RX8), or need a family hauler that handles better than most sedans (Mazda 5/CX-5), Mazda had/has an option for you. Plus, with their latest generations you can get some of the most refined, practical, fuel efficient, and best handling cars around!

2: CorkSport has the best coworkers

A lot of people I talk to seem to just gripe and whine about their coworkers. Not me, I feel lucky to have hung out every day with awesome coworkers who love cars, love Mazda, and are genuinely cool people. “Business” trips with coworkers meant that not only was I flying to hang out with dozens of awesome customers, watch Mazda drag races, track days, and car shows, but also that I got to share some great beers with my coworkers in the airport and laugh during car rides. On top of these perks, I know that my coworkers would (and have) spot me cash for lunch on a regular basis, watch each other’s dogs when we were on vacation, borrow each other’s cars just for the heck of it, and throw regular Christmas, summer, Soup Cook-Off, and just regular hang out parties.

3: CorkSport has the best perks

I got to drive a Mazdaspeed, I got to work on engines, I got to talk to other car nuts, and I got paid to do it! On top of that I had great job benefits (retirement + medical and stuff) and a CEO and environment that cared about pushing me toward personal growth. CorkSport has an awesome work environment. Every month we have personal development meetings as a whole company where we would discuss things like Success Magazine articles, share self-help books (7 Habits of Highly Effective People), or participate in team-building exercises. We even had personal life coaches for awhile! As if that wasn’t enough, we often had “OPTO FUN” breaks. These could be anything from surprise ice cream breaks for everyone, to foosball tournaments, RC Car Racing, or games of Charades in the middle of the day….. that we got paid for! Talk about FUN!

4: CorkSport has the Best Customers

Everyday at CorkSport I was privileged to deal with dozens of car enthusiasts. From picking up the phone and talking to someone about their brand new Mazdaspeed 3, to writing 50 emails back and forth to the same customer about their entire process, to turning wrenches with customers at install days, I got to help, hang out with, and chat with the car guys that shared the same thing as me…. a love of their Mazda. Over the course of two years I answered over 20,000 emails from you guys, spent over a month straight on the phone (close to 950 cumulative hours), and broken several knuckles while wrenching with you. I consider that all great, but even better, I was able to attend several Mazda Meets and meet hundreds of you face to face, go-kart with you, drag race with you, drink with you, eat with you, and mostly, share our love of cars with you.

So thanks! Thanks for being the best damned customers in the whole world!

See you around, and stay Zoom-Zoomy.