Dear Car… Girl,

Recently our marketing team sent out a Dear Car Guy email newsletter, instead of just posting it in the blog like they normally do. Simple click, and apparently a larger number of people see my ridiculous antics/blog. End result… my inbox FLOODS!

Floods, I say for a reason. It was a flood of email replies, the majority of which merely stated:

“Dear Car Guy, I’m a Girl.”

So, of course the consensus was to write a reply… to you, Car Girl.

Car girls are an even more rare breed. What it means to be a car girl.

We’re a rare breed, Car Girls that is. There are many who claim to be purebred, but it’s like being Irish on St. Patty’s day… you either are, or you’re faking it for the attention. Either way, no one will call you out, and you’ll get through the night just fine, but it’s not entirely true.

Being a true Car Girl is a lifestyle. It shows up in random ways throughout our lives, and can be misinterpreted by those who just don’t get it.

1. We really want the driver seat.

A car girl always wants to be in the driver's seat. If she lets you drive, she must really like you.

If we are going on a date and we let him drive, we really (and I mean really) like him. However, one wrong move, or one boring ride, and it’s likely he’ll lose the privilege for quite some time. We don’t judge guys by their car… ok, yes, yes we do… but even more so the care they take of it. It’s not about the income, it’s about the attention to detail, organization, and cleanliness. (Speaking of: If the car is dirty, and we’re truly a car girl, we IMMEDIATELY KNOW he doesn’t have what it takes to take care of us.)

2. We’re not afraid to get dirty.

A true car girl knows how to care for her car, including changing her oil.

We may have control issues, this is probably where it stems from, but we would rather do it ourselves than have you do it for us. Which is why, whether we know how to fix it or not, we’re the ones handeling the tools (despite a recent $50 manicure). More likely, you’ll never get to be the ‘lead mechanic’ again, especially after we’ve seen you do it once or figured it out ourselves. “Thanks for the help, I know how to do it now…”

3. We’re in it for the community.

Us car girls need to stick together.

It’s not about what we look like, or if our car is the best. For a Car Girl, it’s about the people. We love our cars and will always take great care of them, but we go to install days, Nator meets, cars and coffee, or weekly Red Door meets for the people. We know you’ll love our car and of course we’ll talk crap about yours, but we’re there to hang out and talk cars. Not many people get us but once we’re hanging with our Car People, we remember where we belong.

4. We get offended by fake.

Car girls can't be fooled. We know a fake car person when we see one.

Guy OR Girl, if you’re faking it, we can spot you a mile away. So please, don’t spout off all the facts you randomly heard from a boyfriend you once had, or repeat an opinion that you read on a forum. We’ve read it as well and are more interested to hear what you’re learning, even if you’re a noob. Tell us about YOUR MODS, not what you watched your buddy or bf do last weekend. Own your knowledge, even if it’s limited, be real, and you’ll fit right in!

5. We’re pretty freaking protective.

Car girls are protective of their cars and their fellow car girls and guys.

We have our guys. NO, it’s not likely we’ll be dating any of them… EVER. However, when a new girl shows up on scene, don’t be surprised if your first impression of us is that we’re kind of bitchy. It’s a natural reflex. Waiting to find out if you’re a real Car Girl too, and if you are, you know the drill so be patient. We’ll probably end up best friends. If you’re not, we will only respect you after you’ve settled down into the group and picked just ONE of our guys to hang out with.

There's nothing quite like the bond between car people. We get each other, we understand each other, and we support each other.

We’ve seen girls come and go in the car scene. Like I said before, we’re a pretty rare breed and finding a purebred is like finding a unicorn.


Here’s to you, Car Girl! You’re a rare find, and we’re happy to know you!

Stay safe, stay fast, stay happy!


Dear Car Girl: You are noticed. You are appreciate. And you are pretty freaking awesome. From your fellow car girl, Kim.


Who doesn’t like a giveaway? Free stuff is always a good idea.

Last week, we ran our Drive to Win with CorkSport giveaway where our Facebook fans entered by uploading a picture of their Mazda in action. Autocross, racing on the track, drag strip, hill climb, and rally cross pictures were all acceptable entries. The winner was chosen at random and will receive a CorkSport swag bag.

Congratulations to our winner, Cody Allington! His shot features him and his girl, Marisa, having some fun on the track.

Drive to Win WINNER Cody Allington

WINNER Cody Allington at the track.

We had to throw in a few of our other favorite shots and racing stories. See them all on our Facebook page.

slaying the dragon Chris Milton Brandon Chap and Cezary Koral

Chris Milton, Brandon Chap, and Cezary Koral slaying the dragon.

Niclas Swahn with his CorkSport equipped Mazda msp on a track in Sweden.

Niclas Swahn with his CorkSport equipped Mazda msp on a track in Sweden.

Bret Nicoletti with his dog car aka #rooneyspeed RD3 at Global Time Attack around Willow Springs International Raceway.

Bret Nicoletti with his dog car aka #rooneyspeed RD3 at Global Time Attack around Willow Springs International Raceway.

We have a feeling this isn’t our last giveaway… stay tuned.




We get quite a few comments (okay, a ton) on our reviews and FAQs page asking questions like: will these wheels fit, will my car scrape, what do I do after I instal, etc. With so many questions coming in recently, I wanted to address this topic.

Will my car scrape speed bumps?

With any of our CorkSport springs sets, you shouldn’t have any problems with normal traffic control devices if taken at the posted speeds with stock Mazda body work. If you try to be Ken Block in your Mazdaspeed 3 and launch the car at 75mph you will scrape on the launch and landing.


Will my wheels rub?

With the OEM wheels, you won’t have any rubbing problems with our springs. We engineer our springs to be comfortable and most have an increased spring rate of 5-15% over OEM. With the car sitting lower, it’s possible to hit bumps with a heavy load but you shouldn’t rub unless you have a suspension alignment problem. On the second gen Mazda 3/Mazdaspeed 3s, the rear acceptable suspension range is already wide and if you plus size the diameter and wheel width you can run into some clearance problems. We found after an installation of the springs, the rear camber was -2.2 degrees on one side with no rubbing and -1.0 degrees on the other side with rubbing. To fix this, a set of adjustable rear camber arms is required to set the suspension even between both sides to give the wheel clearance and keep the alignment within specs.

Will these wheels fit my car?

Let’s make this easy. Go to Willtheyfit.com and punch in the numbers. Google is your friend. Use a tape measure to see how much clearance you have on the inside against the suspension and the outside against the body work.

Will I need aftermarket wheels to run your springs?

You will not. We test our springs on the OEM wheels for all Mazda models we offer springs for.


Will I need to align my car after installing the springs?

Yes, you will. The toe settings on the suspension will be affected which will cause excessive tire wear if not corrected after installing any lowering springs.


Will I need to roll my fenders/guards/wheel wells?

If you want to run a different offset wheel, and the clearance is going to be tight, it’s a good idea to roll them. You won’t have to roll your fenders with the OEM wheels.

Have a question we didn’t answer here? Feel free to post a question in the comments or in the FAQs page of our website.




What’s not to love about a hatchback?


We’ve written before about how most Americans prefer sedans to a hatch, a phenomenon we don’t entirely understand. Part of us feels like to each his own. You fill your garage with sedans; I’ll enjoy my Mazdaspeed 3 — and also my Mazdaspeed 6, because we get it: sedans can be great too. Live and let live. On the other hand, the fact that people overwhelmingly prefer sedans is part of the reason we haven’t seen the new Mazda 2 in this country. We can sit and stew about this, or we can tell you the benefits of driving a hatchback. If you’re already on board, tell us in the comments what perks we missed.

1. More storage room

Want to drive your mountain bike up to the cabin you just rented for the weekend? No problem! If you drive a hatchback, that is. You can compare just about any two models of the same car, and the hatchback beats the sedan for storage space every time. Without that extra room taken up by the barrier between the back seat and the trunk, you can fill your hatch with boxes, a dog crate, or any piece of recreational equipment you want. If you need more space, add a luggage rack — but 99.9% of the time, if you drive a hatchback, you won’t need more.

2. More headroom

A lot of sedans are made with average heights in mind. That’s fine if you’re 5’10” on the dot or anything below, but if you’re even slightly taller, you’re gonna feel cramped. The solution: A hatchback. Hatches tend to have a lot more clearance, so no more bumping your head when you step in and out of the driver’s seat. It’s downright roomy in there.

3. Better resale value

This can change from car to car, but as topyaps pointed out, “Hatchbacks have the highest resale value and significantly much better than that of a sedan.” Of course, few of us can see ourselves parting with our dear Mazdaspeed 3s anytime soon, but we all know that one day we’ll have to trade our baby in — if only because the new 2017 Mazdaspeed 3 is finally released. If you want to get the most bang for your buck and recuperate some of the initial cost, buy a hatchback, not a sedan.

4. Same mileage

What’s that, you say? All of these benefits without a higher cost at the gas pump? It’s true, usually. Hatchbacks tend to have around the same gas mileage as their sedan counterparts, so you don’t have to fork over more money as the years pass. They’re great cars; they’re practical; and they’re as efficient as any sedan. Are you sold yet? If not, take a ride in your buddy’s MS3. If the other benefits of driving a hatchback don’t sway you, that will.





Dear Car Guy,

It’s been a while! Hope all is well with your ride, your girl, and your life. Staying fast, staying safe? If you’re reading this then most likely you are.

I’ve been thinking about what sets you apart from other “regular guys.” There is just something about you that makes you your own breed of man. Here are a few things I think you’ll agree with me on.

1. A Car Guy sees a problem and finds a way to fix it. He is going to immediately take it upon himself to be a DIY guy, because paying someone else to do something he’s never done before isn’t a realistic option. This also doesn’t completely apply to cars alone. Car Guy’s like to have control of the outcome of a project.

Car guys know how to fix problems.

2. A Car Guy is rarely bored. Realistically there is always something to do or be done. Sometimes, it’s just a drive to nowhere and back, or a quick detailing of the inside of your ride. It’s something to do, and a Car Guy always finds enjoyment when it’s just him, his ride, and the road. (This is of course assuming that the ride is running, and if it’s not well, a Car Guy is already in the garage or driveway trying to fix it, so he’s anything but bored).

A car guy is never bored as long as he can go for a drive.

3. A real Car Guy knows how to talk… about cars!  I put an exclamation point there on purpose. We here at CorkSport chat with Car Guy’s all day, and sometimes… just sometimes it’s One Guy for an hour at a time. Don’t worry our guys enjoy that time just chatting about all things Mazda!

Just don’t expect the same from me 😉

Car Guys know how to talk about cars. They can go on and on about everything about their Mazda.

4. A Car Guy wants it done right, even if he has to do it himself. He’ll say he needs your help with an install, and offer you a beer as soon as you get there. You’ll see that he’s 90% of the way done and just wanted your company or an ‘extra’ set of hands incase things get tricky.

A car guy always gets things done right.

5. A Car Guy has a plan. A plan for his ride at the very least. He knows how he wants his ride to look, where he wants to take it, how fast it will be, and the impression he wants to make with his hard work.



Until next time, stay safe, stay fast, stay happy :).




For those of you who don’t know me, or frankly have no idea who I am, I’m Vincent and I’m part of the CorkSport team. If there’s one thing you should know about Vincent, it’s that he likes to race.

Start racing with the help of CorkSport.

I’m a huge fan of sports car racing and pretty much anything that includes four wheels, an engine, and high speeds. Another thing you should know is that I’m still fairly new to the Pacific Northwest. I moved up here almost 10 months ago to work for the great Mazda company, CorkSport. In an effort to spread my wings and make my way to Vancouver, some sacrifices had to be made. The biggest was selling my race car.

Discover Vincent's journey to his new race car with the help of CorkSport.

I’ve been lucky to have owned a few good Mazdas and some other cars. I’ve been even luckier to have been able to compete with these cars, including my import drag racing Mitsubishi Eclipse and my HPDE Mazdaspeed Protege. But when I moved, they had to stay behind and find a new home. So I was left lonely. Alone, sad, and with a desire to get back on the circuit, I went on the hunt to find a new race car to compete with. Of course until I get my hands on a third generation Mazdaspeed 3. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to go far. Literally not far at all. I’m talking two desks over to our co-owner and fellow racer Mr. Derrick Ambrose, or as I like to call him Mr. Derrick. We’re polite here at CorkSport.

Tucked away in the back of his garage was a familiar face to anyone who has been around CorkSport over the years. That familiar face was a 1999 Mazda Protege with a little P5 front end action.

Vincen't new CorkSport powered race car.

The old CS drag car was a little aged, a little dirty, and begging for a new life. Needless to say, I found myself my new race car. She had already been gutted and caged so the hard parts were done. With a new engine and transmission, it was in a good state to get finished up. Just a few odds and ends here and there and possibly a fresh wrap, and then she will be good to get on the track in no time.

I still haven’t decided what class of sports car racing I want to compete in. I’m thinking simple like PTE in NASA or maybe H-production in SCCA. What entry level club racing appeals to you guys the most?




We asked the CorkSport community for their ultimate Mazda performance questions for our new series, Ask the Expert. From the good to the bad to the weird, here are the top four questions straight from CS fans and our engineer’s answers.

Your top Mazda performance questions answered by our experts.

Owner: @sikemantana Photography: @konceptphotography

Q: What is the maximum horsepower you can get from a MazdaSpeed 3 with just bolt-on’s?

A: With the typical bolt-on performance modifications from air filter to exhaust tip, you should be in the 320-330wHp and 340-360wTq range. You may be able to up those numbers a small amount with an E85 mixture, but for some locations that is not readily available. This is not including an exhaust manifold, intake manifold, or larger turbocharger. Now, if you were to add the exhaust manifold, intake manifold, and larger turbo (this being the largest power gain) then you will quickly find the limit of the fuel system at the 380-390whp range depending on the fuel grade/type.

Q: Will a supercharger/turbocharger kit become available for the SkyActiv platform?

A: This question has been stirring around since the release of the SkyActiv platform. With the release of the MX-5 with the 2.0L in the U.S. and the 1.5L in foreign markets I would not be surprised to see a supercharger and/or turbocharger kits being released in the next 1-2 years.

Q: What’s the boost threshold on the CorkSport Performance Drop-In Turbocharger?

A: We don’t have a compressor map to quote from, but I believe I can answer this fairly accurately from my knowledge and experience. The CorkSport turbo will be the most efficient in the 1.75 – 2.25 pressure ratio range. This equates to approximately 11 – 18psi, but this doesn’t mean the CS turbo will fall on its face in the higher boost levels.  Due to the more efficient design of the forged billet compressor wheel, the CS turbo should stay above 75% efficiency until around pressure ratio 3 (30psi), and then begin to fall off a bit.  At around pressure ratio 3.5 (36-37psi) you will be very close to the maximum shaft RPM for safe operation, so I wouldn’t push it past that. Either way, if you are running the CS turbo above 30psi, then bravo sir. I’m sure you have a very fun car.

Q: Here’s a hard one. If I have a manifold, which calipers should I buy to get a better exhaust sound?

A: Well the issue is you weren’t clear enough with your collection of parts. First off, what kind of manifold are we talking? Is it the manifold forged from Unobtanium with the blood, sweat, and tears of Santa’s Elves or is it the one and only manifold hand fabricated of carbon nano-tubes in the R&D lab at Koenigsegg designed by the alien race called…The Stig? And then you have the caliper… Do you mean the kind that grip locks the ferrous circular structure utilizing kinetic friction to cause conductive and convective heat transfer ultimately converting mechanical energy into thermal energy until it comes to a squealing stop or the kind that measures to the 0.001” and was used to design aforementioned caliper? See how I’m a little confused? Now we have four combinations to pick from and I could explain each and every one of them in great detail, but I don’t want to bore you. So the one I would pick goes as follows: Your cold start announces your presence like the trumpet of the Greek God Zeus riding his chariot into battle followed by your WOT pull roaring like a thousand lions chasing down a heard of Zebras.

What other performance questions do you guys want our experts to answer?




As we eagerly await more news about the 2017 Mazdaspeed 3, it’s easy to become distracted by a wish list of features, making us forget about the Gen 1 and 2 marvels sitting in our garages.

We’ve hoped there would be a new Mazdaspeed 3 sooner than now, but the compensation of waiting is owning and driving Gen 2 (or Genjuan) Mazdaspeeds every day. Sure, we’re a little biased, but there’s a reason our lives are centered around Mazda performance enhancement. Maybe we’re just feeling nostalgic because it’s #ThrowbackThursday, but whatever the case, the Limited Slip Blog’s 2013 review of the last Mazdaspeed 3 reminds us: Even a few years old, these cars remain incredible.

Christopher Little takes a mean shot of the MS3.

We stumbled across this blog entry after finding that killer shot above, taken by cofounder Christopher Little. If it wasn’t clear from the entries that cover just about every car under the sun, it’s obvious just glancing at their photography that these guys have a passion for vehicles, something any self-respecting Mazdahead shares.

Gen 2 Mazdaspeed 3 from Limited Slip Blog

Chris had some issues with the interior—but noted the Gen 2 Mazdaspeed 3 had the best visibility of any hot hatch he’d driven. His description of the first time he actually drove the car probably sounds like what a lot of us experienced when we first got behind the wheel of a ‘speed. The word “intoxicating” stands out, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who understands Mazda power. The Mazdaspeed 3 makes it just about impossible to drive without experiencing some raw joy, which Chris did. We get it; that’s why we devote our lives to Mazda performance, to bring even more power out of these beauties.

The Mazdaspeed 3 has always been a stunning and, yeah, intoxicating ride. It’s been great for almost a decade, and with the new generation coming out soon, we don’t expect that legacy to change.

Check out more of Limited Slip Blog’s awesome reviews and news, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.






So you want to become a professional racecar driver. Awesome plan, I mean who doesn’t right? But where do you start? The answer is Mazda.

Mazda can help you become the race car driver you always wanted to be.

Image via Road & Track

Hop on Craigslist and start looking for a car. You’re going to need a good solid platform to start with and something that’s easy to work on. A car that is relatively inexpensive, easy to find parts for, super reliable, and can give you the best driving experience along with great aftermarket support for future upgrades. BAM you just bought your ‘91 Miata racecar. A car that has everything you need and then some.

First things first, you need to make sure it’s safe and in tiptop shape to handle the abuse you’re about to put on it. Go on the hunt for pieces you need to replace like brake pads, shocks, and maybe a wheel bearing or two. Don’t settle for some cheap aftermarket pieces. You are going to be racing this car and don’t want to lose a track weekend because of premature part failure. You need OEM top notch quality.

Mazda was the first company to offer a support program for their grassroots racers. The Mazdaspeed Motorsports Development program sells OEM parts to drivers at cost in order to keep them on the track longer. If you provide them with at least two current race results within the past 12 months you can join the program and reap the benefits they have to offer. Along with parts, you also have access to trained employees and other racers who can provide help and guidance.

Once the car is ready to go, you need a place to go racing. Mazda has partnerships with some of the largest sanctioned racing bodies such as SCCA Solo, NASA, and SCCA Club Racing. With over 20,000+ racers, it’s easy to see why more Mazdas are raced on any given weekend than any other brand in the world.

So you have been racing for a year or two and you’re ready to take it to the next level. Introducing the Mazda driver development ladder system, the one and only true program to help guide you from the grassroots level of club racing to the high ranks of Indy lights. If you really have what it takes, the skill and the character that Mazda embodies, you may be lucky enough to find yourself in the cockpit of a Mazda prototype racing in the Tudor United Sports Car Championships, the most prestigious road racing campaign in North America.

Mazda driver development ladder helps drivers pursue their dream of racing.

Image via Mazdaspeed Motorsports Development

We all know racing is expensive. The cost of gas, food, entry fees, and travel can add up quickly during a regular season. Who can help you pay for these things? Mazda of course. As a competitor in the Mazda ladder system, you have the ability to compete and earn scholarships worth thousands of dollars to help you pursue your dreams. Imagine winning the run-offs or the MX-5 cup and being awarded $75,000 to help fund your racing expenses. Now that’s what I call support.

Mazda also created the R.A.C.E program in 2014 to help motivate and engage the next generation of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) professionals. They dedicated a whole program to developing young minds and helping them pursue their dreams even if it has nothing to do with racing cars. You can’t tell me that is not cool.

Mazda is the true racers brand. From mentoring to scholarships to the various after school programs they have invested in, no one is as committed to the driver as Mazda is. They breed the next generation of racers. A brand built by the people for the people. The reason #DrivingMatters.

Happy racing,




Keep your car clean even with your dog as your passenger.

Photo credit: Darrell Wheeler

We all wish we could keep our cars clean and pristine at all times, but sometimes life happens. As much as we may love them kids and dogs are particularly skilled at destroying our cars. While you can’t completely avoid the messes they bring, these five tips will help protect your car against their havoc.

1. Use a designated dog blanket

Drape the blanket over the seat your dog sits in—which should be the back seat to prevent any injury to the dog in the case of airbag deployment. Felt usually works best because it acts as a magnet for dog hair. More hair on the blanket means less hair on your seats.

2. Plastic wrap the windows

Yeah, it may sound strange, but this tip comes straight from racecar drivers. If your dog (or toddler) has a tendency to slobber all over your windows, take a sheet of plastic wrap and push it tight to the window. Then, when you’re done driving, pull the wrap off the window. Boom. Clean windows and no clean up time.

3. Invest in all weather or heavy-duty floor mats

Did the kids jump into the car with muddy boots? Of course they did. If you keep good floor mats in your Mazda, though, it’s nothing a quick spray down can’t fix.

4. Put something between the car seat and your actual seat

Kids = spills. Protect your seats by putting a towel that’s the same color as your seats under the car seat. Now unexpected spills can be cleaned up with just a load of laundry.

5. Lint rollers and wet wipes to the rescue

Even with all the mess-proofing you do, a mistake or two are bound to happen. In this case, keep an emergency stash of lint rollers for the pooch hair and wet wipes for kiddo spills in the glove compartment. And an air freshener never hurt anyone.

These tips will help protect your baby from your babies. What do you do to keep your Mazda safe from little ones and four legged friends?