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2016 MX5 Chassis

What does it all mean?  The above picture gave us some great views into what the car is going to be like from a performance standpoint.

The obvious thing is the motor,a 2.0 Skyactiv engine with a decent looking header(ala the rest of the skyactiv models which have the cool looking scavenging headers).  There are more subtle details like how compact Mazda made the alternator/A/C compressor and throttle body location.  Mazda really hugged the block with them which makes me wonder how tight the engine bay will be in the production car.

You can see that Mazda is going with electric power steering which is built into the rack which is great, it keeps the weight low in the chassis and there is no power steering pump or lines to mess with.  If Mazda has the feedback setup like they do in the Mazda 2 which also uses electric assist this will be an incredible car with feedback through the steering.

If you look at the current MX5 chassis below you can see one of the similarities from the one above.


2014 MX5 Chassis

The rear suspension looks similar to the current MX5 but there are several subtle changes to make things better.  #1 look how the rear shock mounts to the new upper arm compared to the lower location on the older model.  This makes for a smaller/lighter shock and a stronger control arm.  The 4 bolt hubs and brake rotors are a move obvious difference which is saving weight too.  The last piece that come across as different is the PPF (power plant frame), the current generation is pretty narrow and the new version is much wider, much like the older FD Rx7s where is wraps around the transmission and differential more.  I’m sure Mazda spent the equivalent of months testing out the design difference in that piece alone to meet the requirements of the Skyactiv chassis.

I am still excited for the new chassis but I am bummed there is no turbocharger sitting on the motor but if Mazda can get us 200 wheel HP I will be happy!  We shall see.







Epic Nator Meat – 2014



So this past weekend, was the official kickoff for our race season. Rob Finkle, Justin Brasil aka The Freek, and I spent all winter getting my car ready. I partnered up with Corksport for this build, using as many Corksport products as I could with my car. My Ultimate Racing fmic was swapped out for the 24x11x3 Short Ram FMIC, JBR 80duro PMM swapped for the CorkSport PMM, AutoTech fuel pump swapped to CorkSport Max Flow Fuel Pump, beta-testing the CorkSport CamShafts, Ultimate Racing catback swapped for the mufflerless CS one for weight savings, and the CS Short Shifter was the last part added.

My setup consists of a GT3076r with a billet Bloush wheel, DCR  38mm ewg exhaust manifold, Relentless Customs Port and Polished intake manifold, custom 3″ coldpipe with 2 d12 meth nozzles, Custom 4″ turbo inlet connected to a custom 3.5″ maf housing. A Freekbuilt bottom end, Manley H beam rods, CPe stage2 pistons, stock bore and compression. We dyno tuned the car 6 days prior to Epic Nator Meat, just to dial in fuel and boost, and left the timing on the conservative side. Robs tune is set at 28psi, with 16 degrees of timing.

Track day, we swapped out from the TurboSmart dual port bov, to the Synapse bov. I also had custom rear springs made, with a 16k spring rate. Passenger seat, rear seats, and full sized spare replaced with a donut to hold the 6 gallon meth tank up. Mickey Thompson Drag ET slicks, 26×8.5×15 mounted to Weld rims up front, and 16″ 190 slicks in the rear for mph. We also dropped the rear bumper support, rear sway bar, and drilled 2 4″ holes behind the license plate to help break up the drag.

My first 3 passes, all fail. 1st pass I dead hooked on a 6200 rpm launch, almost hitting the wall. That shook me up, and I ended up missing 3rd trying to correct the car down the track, running a 13.0@116. The 2nd run, the coupler to my bov blew off, 13.0@98mph, 3rd run, coupler on the hotside blew off, 13.0 again. Highly frustrated, we let the car sit, and then came back, tightened every coupler down and set out.

4th run, very clean, 11.72@124mph taking back the Gen2 record from my friend Papasmurf. I had readjusted my CorkSport short shifter to bring the height up a tad, and it worked perfectly. Last pass of the day, 11.61@124mph, setting the new Speed3 1/4 mile time.

I couldn’t be happier with what we put together. Your core not only keeps heatsoak at bay, but looks mean as hell. My fuel pressure going down the track was steady in the high 1900s, the PMM was rock solid, short shifter performed flawlessly, the 1-2 shift I had talked about was dead on point. And that exhaust, lol, makes the car sound violent going down the track.


So thanks Corksport, for being a part of this build. You’ve proven that your products are more than capable of daily driving like I do, and yet performs at the track.

 Teddy aka Voltron




What is an Accessport?

The Cobb Tuning Accessport is a device that communicates with your ECU (Engine Control Unit). When you own an Accessport you will be able to read error codes, modify engine settings, and take informational logs of data to keep your Mazda running reliably, and to give it more power.


The main reason people purchase the Accessport is to install MAPS on their car. What is a MAP? A MAP is a preconfigured group of settings or parameters for your car. Want your Mazdaspeed to get better gas mileage? Run the Economy mode Map. Want your Mazdaspeed to run faster and remove the boost limits in 1st and 2nd gear, then run a Stage 1 Map.


Maps also allow you to tell your ECU specifically what power modifications you have done and how you want them running. If you have a new downpipe that flows better, and Max Flow Fuel Pump Internals your ECU will need a new Map installed that tells it how to control the boost levels by controlling the waste gate, the spark advance, ideal fuel pressure, fuel trims, and many other things.


So where do I get these Maps?

The Cobb Accessport will come pre-installed with a few Maps that are known as OTS (Off-The-Shelf) Maps. They are basic maps that should cover a wide variety of parts, and though they are more beneficial than keeping a stock ECU tune, they are nowhere near as beneficial as doing a custom tune. Custom tunes can be done by anyone with Accesstuner Race Software who is willing to devote time to learning the ins and outs of Engine Control Management. Most people who don’t want to spend hours tweaking small variables to meet safe and powerful conditions choose to get a tune done by a professional.

For the Mazdaspeed platform there are many tuners to choose from.

How do I use this thing?

The Accessport is really rather simple. If you can use a modern smartphone, you can figure out the Accessport. Step 1 is to find the OBD II port on your Mazdaspeed 3 (located on the left side of the dash above the hood lever, below the traction control switches.) and then plug the accessport cable in. Step 2 is to tell it to install. Make sure you follow all directions on the screen and don’t shut your car off halfway through install.

Once installed to your car the Accessport will not be able to be installed in any other vehicle unless you uninstall it. This is called by many “marrying “ the Accessport. You can only install an “Unmarried” Accessport to your car, if it’s already “married” it will not work, which is why buying one used can be so sketchy.

Now that it’s installed you can change maps, do datalogs and view Check Engine Lights right from inside your car. When it isn’t installed you can easily connect it to your computer and load Accessport Manager to copy new maps to the device, or open datalogs in Excel. You can eve use tools such as Virtual Dyno to monitor performance gains.



The Final Step

Once you have installed the Accessport and decided on the Map to use there is only one thing left to do. Drive. Get out there and enjoy your car with its new power curve, removed boost limits, and better breathing. If you thought your car was fun before, just wait until you get an OTS map installed with your Accessport and put the pedal down for the first time! Once you’ve done that and realize how amazing it is, I dare you to get a Custom Tune for your specific car, modifications, gas, elevation, and driving habits. You will be BLOWN away.


Overall the Accessport is an amazing device that every Mazdaspeed owner should have for safety, reliability, power, and to learn more about your car. Let us know if you have any questions about them, or Purchase one here:  http://www.corksport.com/cobb-tuning-mazdaspeed-3-mazdaspeed-6-access-port-tuner-v3.html

No 32 i Moto Cybernation Mazda Speed 3



As a avid driver, and a person who loves to punish my speed on the street and at the track, I’m always looking for parts that help me in any way possible.

teddy_voltronBeing able to test the short shifter, got me excited,  because anyone who has ever tried to drag race at the track knows, the 1-2 shift is the most crucial shift.  Having used several different short shift plates, and driven gen1 and gen2 speeds with full replacements, I always felt there could be room for improvement.  The short shift plates I have used in the past, no matter how much I adjusted the cables, would either cause gear grinds, or lock me out at high rpm during a flat foot shift. The full replacements, were set too low and too close, causing me to hit my pinky finger against the ashtray lid.

With this shifter, I can set it where I want it, both with the height, and with the throw. I love how it feels going into every gear, no matter how fast I shift, or just cruising around. The night I installed this, I took it out for a test to see how well it would perform. The first thing I noticed right away was how there was no longer any play, or shifter slop. And then taking it all the way thru 3rd to 7200rpm, I flat footed with zero issues. This thing is a winner. I’m confident that when I track next weekend, it will give me a bit of an advantage over the stock shifter,  and those crucial 1-2 shifts will be on point.  I’ve let several of my friends drive it with it installed, and everyone loves it.  It’s a great product, and in my opinion there is no comparison to the TWM full replacement. At more than half the cost, it’s a no brainer.
Anyways,  I will keep you informed on how it performs at the track next weekend, even though I know it will perform flawlessly.

Teddy aka Voltron


CorkSport is pleased to announce the CorkSport Adjustable Shortshifter for the Mazdaspeed 3.

Mazdaspeed Adjustable Short Shifter

CorkSports Adjustable Shortshifter was designed to adjust your shift throw by up to 35% shorter than the  plastic OEM shaft to allow for faster and more efficient shifting.

 With two ways of adjustability, you can tailor the shift position by adjusting the height of the  shift knob within a range of 4 inches and adjusting the distance of your shift throw. As a direct OEM replacement and maintaining OEM fitment, after installation you can opt to use the OEM Mazda shift knob or go for an aftermarket shift knob.

Mazdaspeed Adjustable Short Shifter

This is a great mod if you have a 6 speed manual transmission, you can install it yourself and you will clearly enjoy the new feel of the adjusted throw of your shift.

If you have a standard Mazda 3 or SkyActiv model call our sales team to be on our beta test team.

The CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3 Adjustable Shortshifter is available for just $189 – Order yours today!


Dear Car Guy,


I hope all is well in your tinkering world. Things, I imagine, are at least beginning to thaw out from winter, and you’re making your plans to start installation of new parts, tweak old ones and get your wheels back on the road in time for summer.

Normally, my letters are filled with advice on who to avoid, who annoys the crap out of me, and basically the type of people I encounter in the car world, including you, Car Guy. This time though, I have some news, and it’s pretty fantastic in my opinion, but first I want to tell you about some things you might already know.

I’ve recently been thrown into a world. A world, I don’t know very well, hardly understand, and at times really question the reality of. This world is full of love/hate relationships, long distance friendships, camaraderie, and most of all SUPPORT.

Jackingitup-edit-scaleA place where any and all questions can be answered with simple use of the search tool (newbs take note: NOT in the shout box). Where groans and thanks are given for any and all ideas or comments. Where wives, girlfriends, and random girls from the internet are shown in all their glory, much to the amusement of those doing the viewing. Where the guys go to hang out, chat, avoid work, find entertainment, make plans for an install, swap stories of triumph and failure, and all around give one another a hard time (all in good fun of course… sometimes).

As a platform Mazda is not huge, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in community. I have seen the Mazda community do some amazing things, support their friends in need, gift parts to those that are deserving, protect respected Vendors, stand up for what is right, and overall form itself into an online community of what I would deem as (mostly) “Good People”.

Forums connect Car Guy to Car Guy. Car Guys to the very few Car Girls, and of course vendors to Car Guys. It’s one big exchange of information, ideas, innovation, and experiences.

We’re able to come together for the sake of bettering the Mazda Enthusiast Platform, and to be honest I FIND IT AMAZING.

Now, mind you, this isn’t exclusively on the internet, and that’s where my news comes in to play. There are gatherings: Cars and Coffee, Nator Meets, and Dyno days at local Vendors. Coming up really soon, is an amazing gathering, one of grand proportions, in just a few short weeks: THE EPIC NATOR MEAT, or ENM as it’s so lovingly referred to.


Car guys gather for an awesome Dyno day, opportunity for Track time, dinner for a social gathering, and  a parking lot FULL of Mazdas to show off and compare. It’s looked forward to by many in our platform every year, and especially for those here at CorkSport for a chance to get out of town for a bit and connect with everyone.

I write this to you, Car guy, excited as all get out, because CorkSport will be there! Prepared to answer any questions you have, place orders on the spot, get input and any product ideas you want to see happen. Mostly though, to make a connection with the amazing customers we serve, and to enjoy the time spent with fellow enthusiasts.

Typically, I’d just be excited to hear about it from the guys later. Hear them brag about how great it was, how well it went, and all the people they met. Except for the fact that, I’m the type of girl who likes to experience things first hand. So, I’ll be seeing you there!


Hope to see you soon,


MSF : EPIC EAST COAST NATOR MEET from Paul Schmitz on Vimeo.



If you could get any part that you have ever wanted what would you ask for? There is a good chance that your dream accessories or features haven’t been developed yet and you are just waiting for that moment when someone releases it. So, if you could ask engineers to make anything for your car, what would it be?


Bigger turbos for the Mazdaspeed? Turbo Kits for the Mazda 3?


Let your mind wander and think of some wild creative ideas. With the latest technologies available, its not too hard to try and stretch past our current  capabilities.

So what would you want?  Heads Up Display (HUD), upgraded fuel  injectors,  new style front bumper kit or maybe something in carbon fiber?

Nothing is too far fetched. Want to turn you Mazdaspeed 3 into an RV so you can go camping? How about a bolt on submarine car conversion? Or maybe just a new Intake Manifold.

Can you come up with three wishes? Leave us your wishes here -> (Click Here – Facebook Post)



The factory radiator core sits at a mere 13 mm wide doing its best while struggling to keep your coolant cool.


The CorkSport Mazda 3 Aluminum Radiator is here to stand up to the street and track driving use with our 100% all aluminum radiator. Standing at over two times thicker than the OEM radiator you can be confident that it will provide you excellent cooling for your Mazda 3 on and off the track.


The CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3 aluminum radiator will fit all 2010-2013 Mazdaspeed 3, Mazda 3 2.5 and 2.0 models except SkyActiv models. Fitment and installation are easy if you are handy with some tools.

Get it now for only $349.99


What are you doing on April 18th, 2014?

Mazda will be celebrating 25 years of going topless with the MX-5 Miata at the New York International Auto show on April 18th..

The Miata brought to us on February 9th, 1989 at the Chicago Auto Show, started a following of enthusiasts from all across the board.


With the last known count of the MX-5 Miata at over 900,000 a few years ago there must be more than a million on the road or track by now. If you wonder why this is, just take one for a drive! Lightweight, RWD, durable, topless, and fantastic balance all add up to one of the best cars available to anyone and everyone, whether your budget is $3000 for a used car, or just over $30,000 for a new hard top model you can’t go wrong! These cars are the go-to for autocross, track days, racing, weekend canyon carving, and many other fun events.

“Row, Row, Row your boost”

I suggest you take off your top and head down to the New York International Auto show to and celebrate 25 Years of  MX-5 Miata going topless and see what new might be coming.




Do you Snapchat? If you do or want to join us, download the app on your favorite ios or android device.

Find the app in the app store sign up and follow us.

Our account name is: CorkSport.Com

You will need to add the whole name above, ” CorkSport.Com “.

Basically its sending a self destructing picture with or without a message to someone. When you view a picture it will have a timer counting down and then boom its gone.

So I will be sending periodic pics and or messages to the lucky ones that follow us on Snapchat. When the Carbon Fiber Hood Scoops are back in stock I might even let the Snap Chat followers know its back online ahead of the average luddite.

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