Tired of looking at all of the Genjuan guys showing off their upgraded steering wheels? Not anymore! We just finished the development and release of the 2010-2013 Performance Steering Wheel. For those of you with a 2010-2013 Mazda 3 or Mazda 5, yes the wheel will work great in your models as well.

This is a complete steering wheel with no stitching required, unlike some of the other kits on the market. The CorkSport Performance Steering Wheel is designed to be a direct OEM replacement. It works flawlessly with the OEM steering column, covers, button panels, and airbag for a stress-free 30-minute installation.

The image below shows exactly what you will receive in the package.

Upgrade your gen 2 Mazdasspeed 3 and Mazda 3 interior with the CorkSport Performance Steering Wheel.

This is a fully assembled steering wheel with all the OEM components, including your original buttons.

Steering wheel upgrade for the 2010-2013 Mazdaspeed 3 and Mazda 3.

Think about this: What part of your Mazda do you have contact with every single time you’re in the car? Your steering wheel! Why not give your hands some much-needed love with hand wrapped and stitched leather. The wheel has a slight texture and a plush feel to it. We even used perforated leather in the high use areas so your hands won’t get clammy on spirited drives.

Upgrade your steering wheel with the CorkSport Performance Steering Wheel for he Gen 2 Mazdaspeed 3 and Mazda 3.

The wheel diameter is the same as OEM but the thickness of the wheel has been increased, which is much more comfortable for long drives or just a quick jaunt to the store. The flat bottom gives it a more aggressive feel and actually makes it easier to get in and out of the car, especially for those of you with longer legs.

All that said, probably the most exciting feature of the CorkSport Performance Steering Wheel is the aggressive thumb grooves. These help you lock your hands in place, giving you more confidence on twisty roads and helps you fight the torque steer from your boost motor.




Get your new MX-5 ready for the road with these key performance parts.

Here at CorkSport, we don’t stop until it’s perfect. Multiple designs and rigorous testing ensure the highest quality product for your Miata. We even spent the day at Portland International Raceway pushing the swaybars and springs to their limits!

Give your MX-5 the power it deserves with a few key performance parts:

Cold Air Intake System

Designed to help your Miata breathe easy and increases air flow. Our cold air intake system includes a CAD designed ABS box and lid, billet aluminum MAF housing, and an AEM high-flow dry air filter to keep your intake temp nice and cool.

Lowering Spring Set

An aggressive look without sacrificing functionality or ride quality. Our springs provide a drop of 1.6” in the front and 1.1” in the rear and a spring rate increase of 13% in front and 58% in rear.

Front Swaybar

Get your body roll under control with 3-way adjustability.  

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.16.23 AM

Front Swaybar End Links

Take your swaybar control to the next level. Our end links allow you to fine tune your left and right swaybar balance and they only weigh 1.4 oz more than the OEM units.

Rear Swaybar

Get your body roll under control with 3-way adjustability.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.06.37 AM

Axle Back Exhaust

Top performance without the annoying drone. Manufactured from T304 stainless steel, CNC mandrel bent and TIG welded for a perfect fit and long lasting durability.

Only the best for your new Miata!





Today is officially the 18th anniversary of CorkSport! That means 18 years of eating, sleeping, breathing Mazda — and we couldn’t be happier.

Check out some of our employees’ favorite memories, seasons, and reasons for working at CorkSport.

Derrick Ambrose

I have plenty of great days at CorkSport. Several of the great moments are getting the first race win in the CorkSport Mazda 2 B-Spec car at Autoclub Speedway, the many customer events we’ve had at CorkSport in the past, and the opportunity to drive so many great cars. The best moments have been every time we’ve moved locations. It’s always been into better and better facilities, which gives us the opportunity to grow into it, make our company better, and know the future is ahead with limitless possibilities.

Dustin Berentsen

My favorite memory so far of my time at CS was in late 2011 when a bunch of us went to SEMA in Las Vegas. I had been with CS for almost a year at that point and, while I had hung out with almost everyone outside of work individually, it was the first real time that we had gone and done something big as a group. It was also my first time going to SEMA, which was a cool experience. The highlight was the opportunity for team building and getting to know everyone in a neutral environment where everyone was just having fun. That was great.

Kelly Harris

After a decade with CS, here’s my top 10 reflections/moments/cars/people:

10. Korean BBQ in Toyako with Derrick and Rich.
9. OCC.
8. All 8 of my Mazda’s.
7. Mad bathroom dash through Mazda US’s shop. The cars I saw, oh cars!
6. The Mazda community and the dear friends I’ve connected with.
5. CS parties, always fun.
4. Did I mention the cars?
3. The evolution of CorkSport as a business.
2. All present and past staff.
1. My husband.

Brandon Johnson

The NATOR BBQ. We got to see all the local community. I met new people that have become friends. These are people we talk to on a regular basis now!

Luke McCarvel

My favorite day working at CS has to be the company track day. I’ve never had an opportunity to attend a race day like that before. I learned a lot of things that day, which help my decisions in building my car now and down the line. One thing I’d like to note is how well a track day reveals the weaknesses of your car. I’ve always been into the 1320, so it was a huge eye-opener on how important something like brakes are. Looking forward to any future race days!!

Vincent Melon

My favorite season for working at CorkSport is always the summer. I’m as cold blooded as it gets and I really enjoy when the sun comes out so I can soak in all the warmth. Some of my favorite parts of working at CorkSport are staying late after work to build engines or work on some racecars with my co-workers and fellow enthusiasts. I love going out to all the events, shows, track days, and just meeting other Mazda fanatics. Making new friends and memories are the best parts. Oh, also did I mention summer is prime race season? 🙂

Kim Russell

I’ve enjoyed working at CorkSport and the hilarity that happens on a day-to-day basis. Not many know, but we’re a small company, more like a family, and that allows for some amazing conversations, work parties, get-togethers, lunches, and meetings overall. We definitely have our serious moments, but it’s the ones that bring us together that are my favorite. Especially the things we learn about one another through Cards Against Humanity battles, Nerf gun wars (surprisingly, I won our first one), and mandatory fun throughout the years.

Barett Strecker

There are many memories I could talk about, but probably the most hysterical was from the first company BBQ I attended a couple months after I started. The BBQ was at an employee’s home a bit out in the country. They have lots of acreage and a couple ATV’s. Being the country boy I am at heart, I hopped on the ATV to go exploring for JUST a few minutes. Two hours later, they finally found me and had to pull me out of a mud hole I was stuck in. I was covered head-to-toe in mud and had missed most of the BBQ, but it’s a CS memory that will never be forgotten.

Here’s to another 18 years of aftermarket Mazda parts!




The CorkSport Cat Back Exhaust System gives your new 2016 Miata the power it needs without the annoying drone.

We know you’ve been eyeing the CorkSport Axle Back Exhaust System for your 2016+ Mazda ND Miata, so let this catch your attention even further! CorkSport is proud to announce the release of the Cat Back Exhaust System for the 2016+ Miata!

Give your 2016+ MX5 Miata the power it needs with our cat back exhaust system.

Every great exhaust system begins with two main ingredients:

1. High quality materials

2. Exceptional manufacturing

Here at CorkSport, we realize that without these two key factors, no matter the design, a great product is just not attainable. Every CorkSport exhaust system is manufactured from T304 Stainless Steel and precision bent using CNC mandrel tube benders. The mandrel benders maintain a consistent diameter throughout the many bends that exhaust systems may have. Then, all necessary welds are performed with TIG welding to insure a long-lasting and rust free connection.

The fun doesn’t stop there! The exhaust system needs to sound and look great also. The CorkSport Cat Back Exhaust System features two high-flow resonators to reduce and eliminate unwanted drone without restricting the exhaust flow. Speaking of flow, the exhaust system is constructed from 60.5mm diameter tubing vs the OEM 54mm to further improve flow and provide a deeper exhaust note.

If you’re concerned that the full cat back exhaust system may be a bit too loud for your liking, don’t worry. The CorkSport exhaust system is available as the full cat back exhaust or just the axle back exhaust.

Check out the two video sound clips below to figure out the best exhaust note for your Miata.

CorkSport Cat Back Exhaust System

CorkSport Axle Back Exhaust System

And for the “cherry on top,” the CorkSport exhaust system features dual double wall exhaust tips to maintain the OEM look, but with a higher level of style. Wake up your Miata today with the CorkSport Performance Exhaust System!


The sexiest Mazda of the week for CorkSport.

Sexiest Mazda pics of the week!

Our top picture this week goes to Matthew Coderre and his sexy, blue Mazdaspeed 3. He recently upgraded to a new Mazda 3, but at least he stayed in the Mazda family!

Mazda looking fresh with a green wrap and an orange wrap.
Our other top picture features @mauricek10 and @dmillaire in our most recent #MazdaCrushMonday.

Keep those Mazda pics coming so we can keep sharing! Use #CorkSport for a chance to be featured on our social platforms and maybe you’ll be our next pic of the week.




Dear Car Guy,

I was admiring how different all of your rides are. As a general statement, there are lots of ways to make your baby unique and personalize it to your style. At CorkSport, we try to do the same thing with our brand, our name and our reputation.

We love when we hear back from you that we’ve done great things with customer service:

  • Following up with your questions via email, phone calls, Facebook, forums, and face to face.
  • Sending out a little bit a joy with some of your packages.
  • Supporting you when something goes wrong and keeping in touch throughout your order fulfillment.
  • And just being a part of the conversations that happen within the Mazda platform.

We want (and try) to get you to engage with us too!

You frequently make us laugh by telling a joke or letting us know what you’re thinking in the comment section that comes with your order.

WE LOVE HEARING FROM YOU and often we find a fun way to show you that we read your note, joke, sarcasm, or saw that you had a question.

Here are some of my favorites from recent months:

Jennifer sent out a “few” valentines to bring a smile and some happiness when you opened your order:


Our shipping team drew on some of your packages:


We sent out some extra goodies for you and your loved ones:


And we even shared a little bit of Mazda history with you!


We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! It makes the day go by that much faster and gives us an opportunity to really connect with you and figure out what we can do to best serve you and your ride! We’re here to help by bringing knowledge, parts, supplies, support, and hopefully good-natured humor and joy every once in a while!

ALWAYS leave a comment in your order. The more original you are with your notes, the more fun we can have in return!

Thanks for passing along the joy! Stay safe, stay fast, stay happy!

Kim Russell-01


Good day fellow boosted enthusiast, Vincent here with CorkSport Mazda Performance. Today, I want to share some expert advice with you on diagnosing boost control issues with your turbocharged Mazdas.

I would venture to guess that about once or twice a week, my team and I get a phone call here at HQ related to customers who are trying to diagnose a boost control issue with their electronic boost control solenoids. Whether it’s too much boost, not enough boost, or random and sporadic boost signals, a boost control issue can have you digging around your engine bay for quite some time if you don’t have a good diagnostic procedure.

This blog is intended to function as an aid in diagnosing boost control issues. If you’re interested in a more thorough understanding on how an EBCS works, check out this white paper that one of our engineers wrote. Now let’s get to it!

To start, let’s have a quick review on what an EBCS is and isn’t.

The EBCS is a unit composed of an electrically operated solenoid housed in its own little manifold designed to regulate and route boost signals to the appropriate area in the engine bay. The EBCS is not the mechanical device that physically moves the wastegate flapper to re-route exhaust gases around the turbine wheel, that’s the job of the Wastegate actuator.

Now that we cleared that up, let’s look into some possible causes for poor boost control issues.


I can’t stress this one enough. I would say a bad or improperly routed vacuum hose is the root cause for about 70% of all issues. When diagnosing a boost control issue, start with a visual inspection of all vacuum hoses in the system. Any hoses with nicks, tears, rips, or cuts should be replaced with a good quality silicone vacuum hose. Silicone is preferred because it has a longer life than a traditional rubber hose and tolerates engine bay heat better. Also check to make sure the hoses are not pinched in between anything. I’ve seen cases where a signal hose gets trapped between a nut and stud of some sort, causing it to be completely pinched off and rendering it useless. So make sure your hoses go from point A to point B clearly and perfectly with no stops.



Since we’re on the subject of hoses, let’s also be sure that we’re routing them correctly. Each hose is meant to take some air from one place to another in a particular fashion. Often times guys and gals get in a rush and just start plugging in hoses wherever they see empty spots. This is especially evident on the EBCS unit itself considering there are 3 ports on it that are all very close to each other and it’s quite easy to put the wrong hose on the incorrect port. This is where a good set of high quality instructions becomes helpful, so you always have something to reference.

Important note: Make sure to reference instructions specific to the brand of EBCS your vehicle is equipped with, not all controllers designate the same letters and ports.


Isolate the problem

If you’re dead certain that the above two points check out, then the next logical step is to isolate the problem. What I recommend is to set your turbocharger to run off of spring pressure only. What you would be doing here is running a hose from the compressor cover to the lower nipple on the WGA and then putting a vacuum cap on the other port of the WGA. When this is done, what you’re doing is isolating the mechanical side from the electrical side.

If we perform this and our car runs 100% hitting the targeted spring pressures, then we can check off the turbo or WGA as being the issue and we can return our focus to the solenoid and its components. If when we’re in this set-up and still experiencing a boost control issue, then we want to check out the turbo and its related components. Things to check are the WGA flapper for any binding or contact, and the turbocharger itself for any mechanical issue such has damaged wheels or housings. Also we want to check any boost tubes, intercooler piping, connections, etc. to make sure it’s not skewing any of our signals.

Fix the problem

If you get to the point where you feel the EBCS unit itself is the problem, a simple thing to do (if you have the ability to) is to bug a friend. Say your buddy is running the exact same EBCS as you, ask him to borrow it for half an hour and swap it in. If we leave everything as we had it and swap solenoids, and our problem goes away then we have a really strong reason to believe the controller is the issue and it should be inspected. This is the point when you would want to contact the manufacturer so you can send it to them and have them test it. Don’t try to take it apart yourself! Almost all solenoids have really tiny and precise O-rings that can break easily if mishandled.

These are just some of the most obvious and most likely things to check. Before going to crazy, you still want to be sure that you have a healthy engine and no other forced induction problems such as a massive boost leak somewhere that can skew results.

I hope this blog was helpful and can be useful to some of you. I leave you with some last minute points.

  • When diagnosing, change one thing at a time to eliminate variables. You don’t want to jump in and change 10 different things and hope for the best. You’ll just waste time and resources.
  • Double-check your tune. When switching to an aftermarket EBCS, a tune will be required since almost all aftermarket units work faster and are much more precise than an OEM unit.
  • In regards to vacuum hose length, I can say for 99% of you it won’t matter. Unless you’re running 20+ feet of hose, the length itself will not affect your signals. At the tiny sizes we’re using, you’ll need lots of hose for length to make any noticeable impact. My recommendation is to use just what you need for a nice clean set up, no more and no less.




Mazda hinted that they’re going to reveal more about their latest rotary at the Geneva auto show, so now is the perfect time to come up with my wish list for the next Rx7.

Mazda RX Vision

Mazda is already on the right path with their SkyActiv technology to keep systems light and efficient. If they use the same strategy with a new rotary engine, we could see some exciting things.

Mazda has been talking about laser ignitions for a while now. As a current Rx7 owner, and to the rest of the rotary heads out there, you know the spark plug bills for the Rx7/Rx8 can pile up. Not having to deal with spark plugs or coil packs again would be a blessing in lower cost of ownership.

Direct injection is something I’m really looking forward to, for several reasons.

1. Lower chance of flooding out your engine in the case you go brain dead and move your Rx7 in the driveway without letting it warm up or you hold the throttle up to clear out the engine.

2. Better emissions control. This is a big one in my book when it comes to the success of a car. With DI systems, you can make sure the fuel is in the optimum location on the rotor face for the best burn and the most power from the fuel.

Mazda i-Stop Technology

North America doesn’t get i-Stop technology from Mazda due to fuel-economy testing and regulations. I’m crossing my fingers Mazda brings it, or something like it, along with the rotary.

Mazda can use i-Eloop to help out the rotary’s naturally low torque by giving you a boost from a standstill and give you back some fuel economy.

Mazda i-Eloop Technology

Now, the million-dollar question: will it be a hybrid?

My guess is no. With the i-Eloop and i-Stop technology Mazda already has available for fuel economy and ignition improvements, adding a hybrid system doesn’t make sense. A hybrid system goes against the idea of lightweight technology and cross-platform technology sharing that Mazda has been focused on.

Mazda Rotary Engine Rumors

As if I even need to mention this, my money is on a turbo setup in the Rx7, much like the units used on the turbodiesels. The small turbo on the Sky-D engine is spooling just off idle which gives you the instant hit of torque while transitioning to the larger main turbo. It’s pretty seamless on the Sky-D. Imagine it on a rotary with the exhaust energy. It will be even better.

Any other predictions out there? Feel free to post up! I love to hear other people’s thoughts on what Mazda is hinting at for the future.

Meet Derrick from CorkSport. Loves racing, Mazdas, and his CS fam.


Increase handling and give your Mazda an aggressive look with CorkSport lowering springs.

Whether you want a lower center of gravity for better handling or you want to get rid of that ugly wheel well gap, lowering springs are a great buy.

From hitting the track on the weekend to a spirited drive through the countryside, CorkSport lowering springs are the upgrade you’ve been looking for. By adding our lowering springs, you’re lowering the center of gravity. This allows the car to stay more planted to the road.

One of the biggest things to note on the stock suspension is how far upward the suspension travels when hitting bump. It can make the car feel like it wants to lift off of the road depending on how fast you’re taking corners. Lowering springs help correct the car’s suspension travel when you hit a bump in a turn.

Lowering springs also have about 25% increased stiffness. For the Mazdaspeed platform, increased stiffness in the rear is a must. Mazdaspeeds like to squat pretty hard when hitting full boost, so any way you can manage to stiffen up the rear is a great modification for your car.

Adding lowering springs also gives your baby amazing eye appeal and a much more aggressive look. Whether you drive a MS3, MS6, Mazda 3, or MX-5, lowering springs will get rid of that ugly wheel well gap. If your model wasn’t just mentioned, springs will still work for you too! The result is a Mazda that carries a much cleaner look and gives you the ability to take it to the track if you want to.

Drop your Mazda for an aggressive look and better handling with the CorkSport lowering springs.

Some people want to drop their Mazda as much as possible, and some don’t. CorkSport lowering springs don’t deliver a super aggressive drop. If you’re not interested in scraping your front bumper on every road bump, the CorkSport lowering springs have the right drop for you, and provide the increased handling capabilities you’re looking for.

Everything to know about lowering your Mazda with lowering springs.

Luke McCarvel-01


Get a custom tune to help your Mazdaspeed perform best.

When I first bought my speed, I had zero knowledge of the MZR platform, and turbo cars in general. I’ve owned my Mazdaspeed for almost three years now and have learned a lot. Since I bought the car, I’ve met many awesome people and turned it into a fully bolted machine. I’ve learned a lot about my car and what it takes to reach certain goals with it. Building the car has been very rewarding, but meeting new faces along the way has been just as enjoyable. Other people have taught me a lot about my personal goals and where I want to stand with the Mazda community. That being said, I’ve turned myself into the type of person that’s always willing to give advice when it’s needed.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned from talking with other Mazdaspeed owners is that everyone sits at a different power level and has different functions they use their car for. One of the biggest questions I see in the Mazdaspeed community is whether or not someone should consider a custom tune. The answer to that question is yes.

The OTS maps that come preloaded are definitely a decent upgrade over the stock mapping, but you don’t really know what the car can do until you actually make small tweaks. That’s where it makes a big difference. Seeing increased boost levels makes you think your car is much faster, but how much faster is it actually going to be? Most of the Stage II maps allow you to run around 17-18 pounds of boost, which is definitely a decent increase, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s not until you get a custom tune that you realize how much more you can get from your Mazdaspeed.

Why you should get a custom tune:

The biggest reason is so your car can be tailored to all of the modifications you’ve done. I like to look at it like a suit. If you bought a suit from a store without having any alterations made, the suit would fit, but it wouldn’t fit well. If you were to get every part of your body measured, then the suit would fit perfectly. That’s the way I look at OTS maps versus custom tunes. The OTS maps will work, but not that well. A custom tune will be tweaked for every modification you’ve done, which means the car will run perfectly with maximum performance.

Additionally, a custom tune will make sure your car doesn’t sacrifice reliability. It will allow you to unlock the true potential of your car without having any huge issues with the motor. There are a handful of tuners that maximize performance without sacrificing reliability. Here are a few popular tuners on the market, in alphabetical order not based on preference.

These are some of the most popular tuners that the Mazdaspeed platform uses. Any of these would be a great choice.

I’d suggest getting a custom tune once you reach a certain point of modding. If you order the CorkSport Turbo Back Exhaust, CorkSport Front Mount Intercooler, and CorkSport Big Intake, then you should definitely get a custom tune to maximize performance. Pick the one that sounds best to you and go for it!

Reasons why you should get a custom tune.

My car has been on a custom tune from Purple Drank Tuning for almost two years now. During the 20k miles I’ve driven in the last two years, my car and turbo has been pushed to the limit for the stock KO4 turbo. I was tuned on E85 running around 23 pounds of boost, and tracking the car at any chance I could. Some people ask how the heck my motor or turbo hasn’t crapped itself out yet. I can honestly say the reason she still runs well and pulls just as hard as when I first starting modding, is because of good maintenance and having a great tuner to make sure the car runs the way it should.

Luke McCarvel-01