Corksport Q&A

You had questions, we had answers. Here are the top 7 questions we found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter:

Question: What would be involved/required for CS to develop injectors for the MS3/6?DSC_2518

  • Questioner: Vincent Pham
  • Answer: Fuel injectors, especially direct injection, are complicated high precision electromechanical devices. A project like this is outside the “normal range” for a small company like CorkSport; therefore we would have to team up with an injector manufacturer like Bosch to tackle this project. We would also need lots of money. Even with these huge hurdles to overcome we are investigating the project.

Question: What’s the most power you have seen a SkyActiv-G engine put down?Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 12.34.32 PM

  • Questioner: Shane Foster
  • Answer: I haven’t heard of any high power SkyActiv-G and we probably won’t for some time, unfortunately. Currently the 2.5L SkyActiv-G engine produces 165hp at the crank which is nothing to brag about in a market full of 300hp turbo 4-cylinders and 600hp V8’s. Although, the SkyActiv engines do have something to brag about; they are some of the most technologically advanced engines on the market. With a 14:1 compression ratio, direct injection, and variable valve timing that’s designed to run on 87 octane fuel; there is huge potential for power. CorkSport has an eye on this potential. For more in-depth information, check out the link below.

Question: Best way to clean carbon on the direct injected cars without pulling manifold and media blasting them?

  • Questioner: Alex Gonzalez
  • Answer: From my research and personal knowledge, everybody has their own method for better or for worse. One method is to use a ½” diameter hose attached to a shop vac and scrap away, but I don’t recommend that. Another method is to use the PCV port on the intake manifold to slowly suck Seafoam into the intake runners, but again I can’t say I recommend it. You can’t control how much or which ports it goes through and the idea of running something other than gasoline through the combustion chamber bothers me. Ultimately, you should remove the intake manifold then clean it with a heavy duty foaming engine cleaner. This will also give you a chance to inspect the intake valve and I do recommend purchasing an EGR delete kit.

Barett Oil ChangeQuestion: What oil should I use in my speed?

  • Questioner: Alex Duran
  • Answer: Alex you really want to stir that pot? O-well let’s give it a shot. I personally run Mobil-1 Full Synthetic and half a quart of Lucas Oil Stabilizer for 3000 miles. I’m not going to recommend a specific oil, but I will say this. You should run a full synthetic oil and quality oil filter. The oil should be SAE certified and be the manufacturer’s suggested viscosity or slightly thicker. I say slightly thicker because I have found good results when doing so with higher that factory horsepower setups and in severely worn engines.

Question: Think you guys will ever offer full performance engines and components. I.E. big valve head, billet cranks, high comp pistons, or a 2.5 bored to 2.7 with all that plus cams?

  • Questioner: Colt Krahwinkel
  • Answer: I’m going to assume this question is directed to all recent Mazda engines for the sake of variety. Unfortunately, we have no plans for the naturally aspirated SkyActiv-G engines other than bolt on’s; there just isn’t a big enough market for that investment. As for the DISI MZR engine, we have produced camshafts and plan to re-release those in the future. Other bolt on’s are either already done or planned, maybe even a turbo, but we don’t plan to get into the engine internals.

Question: How well might breathing mods affect power on the Mazda 2? Say CorkSport SRI, Headers, and CorkSport exhaust?axl-6-276-blue_installed

  • Questioner: Mike Wildt
  • Answer: With the combination of those, the highest gain I would expect is 20hp. The exhaust manifold would show the biggest gains, followed by the SRI. The exhaust system will give marginal gains, but a little grumble is always nice.

Question: Why do you highly recommend resonated over strait pipe? (Referring to the Gen2 Mazdaspeed 3).

  • Questioner: Phil Young
  • Answer: This can be a very biased opinion and is probably the most highly debated subject with all automotive enthusiasts. Despite that, I will try to throw in some facts. Personally, I can’t stand an exhaust system with excessive drone. If you can barely hear your passenger then what’s the point right? That’s why resonators are important and why I should define the difference between resonators and mufflers. Resonators are typically a canister with strait through design and a perforated tube and packing material. Mufflers are typically a canister with chambers and baffles that divert flow. The resonator does not reduce the grumble of the exhaust that we love, it targets certain frequencies that cause the annoying drone. Mufflers are the opposite. Also, we have had many customers order the strait pipe exhaust system to later return it for the resonated exhaust.


Thank you for your questions and keep them coming. We’ll have a Q&A every month for your Mazda performance questions.


Barett Strecker-01



Oh man, so much goodness that we can’t help but be ecstatic!

With news rolling in about Mazda in the past month we have hardly been able to keep our heads. To start with, lets start with a beautiful concept from Mazdaspeed, the CX3 Racing.

What we love about this concept

Not only does it look awesome, but also the fact that it sort of reminds us of a Mazda 3…. but smaller, and thus lighter, and…. with the possibility of AWD. Yes, I said AWD since the CX3 is a CUV it will be offered with AWD which we all know makes most of us get a little excited about the friction created from extra rubber traction.

P.S. This wasn’t just an imagined concept, they actually made this thing for the Tokyo Auto Show. See more real-live photos here: Tokyo Auto Salon


Possible Merger on the Horizon?

So enough of that, lets get some more juicy news with the latest that Jalopnik is talking about…. a possible merger between Fiat Chrysler and Mazda? Obviously we already have heard that there are shared development of the latest ND MX-5 Miata (and it looks GREAT need we remind you?) that Fiat/Alfa should be making a version of, but we hadn’t heard anything of a merge.

“Fiat-Chrysler could merge with a U.S. company, but that seems unlikely… That leaves the Japanese and the two frontrunners are Mazda and Suzuki… it seems like Mazda is the obvious choice. ”

Now honestly why Fit-Chrysler and Mazda would want to merge is beyond me. I personally can’t see it benefiting Mazda. The differences in the two companies seems overwhelming and in my opinion the reason Mazda has been doing so great lately is the fact that they are a small player with no red-tape to follow. Remember those Ford years? Not the best for Mazda design or ingenuity. All told, I highly doubt this is anything more than one journalists hopes/ideas.

Speaking of Mazda doing well though, who isn’t absolutly stoked and excited that Mazda had it’s best year since 1994 this year?! That is awesome. Really we can see why, a beautiful lineup of amazing cars that continues to gain traction due to great design, economy and most of all, they are all a blast to drive. The CX-5 has been selling extremely well along with the Mazda3 and Mazda6! According to Jalopnik:

“Strong sellers for Mazda include the Mazda3, which had its second-best December ever, and the Mazda CX-5, which had its best December ever, period. The Mazda6 also had its best year since 2007. ”


Yes, yes and yes again! We can get behind this. In case you didn’t realize though, when Mazda does well, we all do well! The more their staple cars sell well the more money they can put towards developing a new Mazdaspeed and/or an awesome surprise Rotary!

Keep it up Mazda, you know we will be your fans as long as you keep doing what you are doing!




Dear Car Guy,

Hope this finds you well and enjoying the switch in seasons.

Wanted to give a shout-out to all of you Car Guy’s that are also Family Guy’s! You’re THAT guy that keeps his car clean regardless of the amount of french fries and jelly belly’s that are left on the seat after you’ve removed the car seat. You’re also the guy that gets to load everyone in your AWESOME ride because it’s highly likely that your wife hasn’t cleaned out her car in what seems like decades. So the dog, the kids and the luggage all get to replace your sound system in the back for the weekend as you go off to visit family for the upcoming holidays.

Here are some tips, since I know you’re always into life-hacks that keep your car in pristine condition, and to make your extended car rides a little bit more tolerable with family!

#1. Lay down plastic. NoCar Wrap Kidding!

Grab some painter’s plastic and lay it over your seats with holes for the seatbelts, and you’re less likely for spills to stain and cause a permanent mess. Not to mention when you’re done with the trip, be it out trick-or-treating, or heading to be with family for the weekend, you can just scoop up the dirt, broken crayons, half eaten suckers and candy wrappers all at once. Better yet, if you can convince the screaming kids and wife, don’t let anyone eat in the car ;) If you have to… Here’s an idea: http://diningwithalice.com/twin-cities-live/travel-snacks-for-kids/

Candy Organizer

#2. Travel the road less traveled.

Those winding twisting, exciting roads will rock the kids and screaming tots to sleep (if you’re lucky, the wife too!). Leaving You with nothing but the wheel, the road, and some thinking time. (Please be careful with these roads as the weather gets worse). I love this way, even if it takes 20 minutes longer, it’s worth it for the silence and fun.

#3. Use your coats (full sized adults) and zip them over the front seats.

Keeping the little feet from leaving foot prints and stains on the back of your seats. Or use something like this: Seatback Protector

Seat Cover

#4. Put a full size towel, in a plastic bag and leave it in the wheel well of your spare tire.

This would be perfect for the unexpected messes or dogs that run off into the lake. We all know that someone will have an accident, spill a drink, forget a favorite blanket, or will inevitably fall into the only mud puddle seen for miles. Be prepared for our furry friends it always seems like it was on purpose!

#5. Embrace the show tunes, it’s highly likely your kids are into some form of musical torture.

If you just embrace it and sing along they’re less likely to want to continue with that soundtrack. What better than the voice of Dad over the “Frozen” theme song to annoy the kids, or a great rendition of Miley Cyrus screamed in your best falsetto. Unless you’re into the same song on repeat….


Don’t worry, we’ve taken these ideas from the Dad’s here, and they really work. So find a way to “Let it go”, and yet still protect your favorite ‘baby’ from your beloved brood.

Stay Safe, Stay happy, and Enjoy the ride!!

Kim Russell-01




Motortrend recently published this Article in their magazine. If you can see it, the article states that Mazda is planning a Mazdaspeed 3 in 2016, they list the details that have been floating around for months, 2.5L Skyactiv, Turbo, 300hp, AWD….. tell us something new!

We just want to point out that this is old news. In fact we even quoted Motortrend quoting their “source” back at the start of November saying the exact same thing!

Check out the post that is almost word for word the same article:


As if that wasn’t enough, we also pointed out in August an article found a few places on the internet about a MS3 in 2017.


In the article we say: “According to Ryan Beene at Autonews.com the next Mazdaspeed is planned for 2017.”

We also discuss the likelihood of AWD which we had previously pointed out in November of 2013! That’s over a year ago!

See that one here: http://www.corksport.com/blog/will-there-be-a-new-mazdaspeed-3-with-all-wheel-drive/

Now before you get upset that we are just pointing fingers and saying “we said it first” I hope you realize that this is actually a good thing! The more that we share a rumor, and so does other reputable sources like Jalopnik, Motortrend, AutoNews and more, the more credibility it gets! I doubt that the rumors of AWD, 300hp and it being a MS3 are that unlikely when it seems everyone is reporting on them.

So, more props to you MotorTrend! We are right there with you and look forward to 2016, 2017 and all the new cars Mazda brings us!








It’s about that time of the year where we tear out a piece of a paper and jot down all of our New Years resolutions. Most forget about these resolutions halfway through the year, but this year is your year. It’s time to grasp your resolution with your bare hands and get it done! Here are some New Years resolution ideas that you can incorporate into your own list:

1. Hit the local Autocross event this year.

We all love going in the straight line or hitting the racetrack, but there’s nothing like the accessibility of an Autocross. An autocross gives you more of a visual of your driving abilities and gives your car less of a beating than if you were on a full-length race course or a quarter-mile drag strip. Of course this depends on how smoothly you go through the course and whether or not you lodged any cones in your wheel-well.

2. Buy the Corksport Adjustable Struts & Shocks Combo you’ve always wanted.

We’ve all been here. Every session online you get distracted by visiting the Corksport web store and stop by the Corksport adjustable struts and shocks combo product page. You keep looking into the Mazda forums, doing research, and dreaming how that pesky wheel gap makes your car look like it’s a monster truck. Now is the year to save up and finally treat yourself. Try getting a jar and commit to saving a small percentage of your paycheck to work towards paying off the suspension kit (or any other awesome modification) with straight-up cash.

3. Attend a Mazda Meet.

Butch Bender

There’s nothing like attending a Mazda Meet and talking cars with other Mazda owners. This is where you can get inspiration, connect with other local Mazda owners/enthusiasts, and even local tuning shop owners. Have an issue with your Mazda? We bet you can find somebody at the meet who had the same problem and knows exactly how to fix it. Checking out the forums is a great step but there’s nothing like a Mazda enthusiast actually seeing what the issue is in person. Besides, who doesn’t want to make more Mazda friends?

4. Learn to Race.

We’ve all taken on-ramps at a faster than suggested speed, trying to establish a race-line. It’s fun to think of yourself as a race car driver. What if you can actually be one? There are a lot of opportunities at your local track to get instruction from professional race car drivers. A great place to start is the SCCA website. Maybe it’s time you actually became a race car driver?

5. Let somebody change the radio station or playlist.

Most people hate it when a passenger starts messing with the radio. Who wants to listen to a slow jam with four dudes in the car (maybe some of you do)? From the great words of the most played out song in 2014: let it go! Relax. One day just let a passenger do whatever they want to the radio. Only once of course.

6. Finish that project.

Everybody has that one project that sits untouched in the corner of their garage or shop for what seems like forever. It’s collecting dust, and you’re starting to pile stuff around it. Time to get it out and finish it up. Whether it be plasti-dipping the valve cover, finally getting an alignment after lowering your car, or actually installing that Corksport Transmission Motor Mount that’s been sitting in your garage for a few weeks. Maybe it’s time you set everything aside and just do it.

7. Take a noob out to the shop.

Shop Life

We all have a friend that is very eager to learn more about working on cars or just about cars in general. This person can be just one of your friends or even your 7-year old nephew (it’s never too early to learn how to turn that wrench). It’s time to pass on your knowledge, because, to be honest, everybody remembers that one person that taught them everything to help them get started in tuning and modding. It’s time for you to be THAT person.

8. Help a friend with their project.

We all have that friend who buys a ton of parts and pays for an auto shop to install it for them. It’s time to lend your services and give your friend a helping hand. If you think about it, you can technically complete resolution number 7 and 8 at the same time.

9. Give a friend a bluetooth device.

With all the laws being passed in every state regarding hands-off communication devices in the car, this can not only prevent your friend from receiving a ticket but also keep them safe on the road. Buy one for yourself if you haven’t already!

10. Participate in the next Mazda toy drive.

Mazda Toy Drive

It’s time to give and have fun doing it. Every year a local car club runs a toy drive to benefit needy kids in the area. It’s also a great time to meet other Mazda owners and just talk cars. Most car clubs will do a food drive in November and a toy drive in December. You’ll be doing a good deed and you get to see some awesome local Mazdas.

Don’t forget to put your New Years resolution somewhere that’s highly visible. To be honest it’s hard to complete all the resolutions you ever make but there’s nothing like that accomplished feeling you get when you do complete one.

Good luck this year and don’t forget to keep reminding yourself about your resolutions by posting notes EVERYWHERE!


– Corksport



Feeling a little loose in the rear end lately?

Take a peek and you will probably find another broken steel, gold zinc-coated bracket.  Stop your 4 month ritual to the local auto parts store and upgrade to something much better!

Gold Zinc Coated Bracket

Introducing the new CorkSport Sway Bar Bracket!

Manufactured from high-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, these precision machined brackets are strong, durable, and look great.  Plus it’s 100% designed and manufactured right here in the Pacific NW, USA. (BUY NOW)


But wait, there’s more! 

Not only did we fix the broken bracket problem, we went a step further.  We use 1” and 1-1/8” poly bushings to really get your sway under control.  Made from 90A durometer polyurethane, these bushings are far stiffer and much more durable than rubber bushings.  Polyurethane will not deform or crack over time like the rubber counterparts so frequently do.


Time to get technical!

If you have any doubts about the strength of the CorkSport brackets then let the next images put your mind at ease.  The magenta arrows represent the force that is applied in the approximate direction that the bar pushes on the bracket.  The green arrows represent the “fixturing” or bolting of the bracket to the vehicle. cgi bracket force chart

Above is the FEA (Finite Element Analysis) result after applying a force of 1000 lbf to the steel bracket.  Obviously the bracket has deformed significantly, but is also an exaggeration to show the deformation.  The deformation scale factor is 16:1 (I’ll talk about this in more detail later).  Now there are two key things to see from this image. 1. The yield strength of the material is ~51k PSI, but you can clearly see that the maximum stress in the bracket is ~150k PSI.  2. That maximum stress is represented by the color red.  If you look back at the first image in the blog you will see where the typical fracture in the bracket is; the exact same location as the red in the image above.

Now let’s take a look at the CorkSport bracket with the same force in the same direction.

cgi bracket force chart2

Above is the FEA result after applying a force of 1000 lbf to the aluminum CorkSport bracket.  Obviously the bracket has deformed significantly, but is also an exaggeration to show the deformation.  The deformation scale factor is 192:1 (Yup, you read that right).  Now let’s compare those two key things. 1. The yield strength of the material is ~31k PSI, but you can clearly see that the maximum stress in the bracket is only ~26k PSI.  2. The bracket is not experiencing any yielding (permanent bending) due to the 1000 lbf.

Let’s talk about that “deformation scale factor”.  In most instances when conducting FEA, the material deforms so little that you can’t actually see it.  To assist in the designing process the computer program automatically scales the deformation (exaggerates it) so that the naked eye can easily see it.  So what’s another way to “look” at this deformation scale factor?  If the same force of 1000 lbf is applied to both brackets, yet the steel bracket has a 16:1 (small exaggeration) scale and the CorkSport bracket is 192:1 (extreme exaggeration) scale, then there is an obvious difference of strengths.

With such a huge difference, my engineering curiosity kicked in, I began investigating. The conclusion I came to is staggering.  The steel bracket began to yield when a mere 350 lbf was applied, whereas the CorkSport bracket could handle 1200 lbf.  This means that the CorkSport bracket is nearly 3.5 times stronger than the steel bracket!

Excited yet? You should be! Stop your 4 month ritual right now with the CorkSport Sway Bar Bracket Kit!  Zoom-Zoom!

-Barett, CS Engineering



This was our old location back in 2004.

Greetings from CorkSport!

Thank you for a wonderful 2014. It was our best year ever!

The time of the year when people set resolutions is upon us. Perhaps you’ve been thinking of starting your own business. I’m here to help!

Readers have told us they’d like to know more about the nuts-and-bolts of running CorkSport.

As many of our regular readers may already know, Derrick and I started CS with what basically amounts to pocket change. It’s grown over the past almost 17 years into a business that occupies the better part of a city block and has over a dozen employees. If I had it to do all over again, we could get here in 5 years, maybe less.

Where did the other 12 years go?

Experience. If I knew then what I know now, I might have not even tried. It can be a daunting task!

The aftermarket industry has a pretty low barrier to entry. There will always be more competition; there will always be new competition. As a consumer, this usually means win.

So where do I even begin with this?

Let’s start with the market.

Let’s face it, Mazda is a niche manufacturer. That may be what attracted you to the brand in the first place! Roughly 1 out of every 50 cars sold in the USA is a Mazda. Further, consumers basically modify only performance versions. For Mazda, this means Mx5 Miata, Rx8 (discontinued), Mazdaspeed 6 (discontinued), and Mazdaspeed 3 (discontinued). Of the people that buy those cars, only a fraction will modify them. Let’s call them enthusiasts. There are certainly less than 100,000 of them in the entire USA!

This is not to say that there are not people that modify a 2.0L Mazda3 or a Cx5. They don’t spend as much and there are not as many of them so the market is very small. The Mazda enthusiast market is far larger than the other 90%+ of Mazda owners.

The aftermarket for a single model from another manufacturer can be larger than the entire Mazda aftermarket, take the Ford Mustang as an example.

Why even bother?

This business was started with a passion for (only) Mazda cars, and still burns bright with that same passion today, 17 years later. We’ve chosen the hard road and our passion keeps us on course.

My advice to someone considering the aftermarket that wants to have a substantial business one day: start in a larger market!

Once you do that, success is far from guaranteed. We’ll save that discussion for another day.

Here’s to 2015 being your best year ever!


Richard Harris-01




Twas the Night Before Christmas, the Corksport Version

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that some new parts soon would be there.

The Car guy was comfy and snug in his bed,
While visions of racetracks looped in his head.
The Mazda in park, the keys tucked away,
Just one more night of sleep,
then we’ll all race away.

When out of the blue, a thought came to mind,
why on earth is he waiting?

Let’s go for a drive!
He grabbed up the keys, woke the girl with a shout
Hey baby, it’s Christmas and we’re headed out!
The family forgotten and plans set aside
We’re headed to the track, let’s go for a drive.

It was simple and planned, so quickly it seemed,
in her sleepy state
it seemed just a dream.
Okay mister, whatever you say.
She slipped on her slippers and they were on their way.

Car guy beamed from head to toe,
he knew their destination
just one place to go.
The track wasn’t far, and the traffic was light, This will be the best Present
Such a simple delight!

No family, no mess, no ties and no dress,
Just you and me girl, this 1 time request.

They got to the track in no time at all,
Sparkling white on the ground just a light snow fall
When over to his right something caught his eye
“We’re not alone” thought the Car guy
Of course to his wondering eyes there appeared
An old style sleigh being pulled by reindeer?
He tossed it in gear to confirm his delight
He shook his head, disbelief at the sight

With a little old driver, so lively and quick,
He knew in a moment it must be St Nick.
More rapid than mustangs as drivers they came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!

“Now Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen!
On, Comet! On, Cupid! on, on Donner and Blitzen!

Don’t over do it boys! Steer clear of the wall!
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!”

They were so quick, so fast, as if they could fly,
Car guy thought to himself, perhaps we should try.
Revving the engine he pulled right on through
To the sleigh full of Toys, and St Nicholas too.

The smile and twinkle in that old mans eye
Made car guy grin and look to the sky.
No flying, not crashing, we’ll take on the course
The old man smiled, do you know of this force?

A simple nod of his head is all it took
He looked over the sleigh and each tiny hoof.
Carguy turned and looked over his opponent,
Just giving in to this memorable moment.

He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot,
And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot.
A bundle of toys he had sorted in the back,
he looked like a veteran, he could drive ’round this track.

His eyes ­how they twinkled! His dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
And the beard of his chin was as white as the snow.
The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth,
And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath.

You know what to do Car guy said to his girl,
She hopped right out and gave her scarf a twirl.
On three boys, please be safe and be clean
She raised it in the air, how fitting it’s green.

A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
Old Saint Nick might be something to dread.
His whip in hand, he gave it a crack,
And off they went, leaving behind the toy sack.

The wind blowing through that snowy white beard,
Carguy could hear the sound of the cold in his ears.
Jingling as they went, the sleigh in tow,
The reindeer were fast, damn car is feeling slow.
Curses thought Carguy as he slammed on the gas,
I want to beat him, we need to be fast.

He awoke with a start, to the sound of her voice,

Knock it off Carguy or I’ll give you a choice.
To the couch with you if you can’t control,
Your twitching and turning and stupid body roll.
He laughed to himself, of course just a dream,
But what’s in his hand, a scarf of green?

He went to the window and looked into the night
He heard the jingle and saw a plain sight
There he was right there in the drive,
St Nick and his sleigh, of course he’s alive.

He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a yell,
Get on it boys, we won, all is well.
Carguy shook his head and laughed at it all,
He would swear that he saw,

St Nick and his reindeer give him the “paw”
Carguy learned something that‘s true,
Don’t race Santa and his eight reindeer crew.
He looked into the sky, to see them in flight
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good­night!”

Kim Russell-01


Dear Car Guy,

I’ve been thinking about how we’ve all experienced what I will refer to as ‘NOOBING’. When you’re faced with a situation with a NOOB and would love to call them out, but instead you opt to give them the benefit of the doubt that they’ll grow out of it or wise up! The following are for a few laughs, groans, and reminders that some of us have even “been there”:


What Noobs Say:  “Looking for advice”

What it really means: Hi all, I’m new here and haven’t even clicked the search button. I am hoping that because I stumbled upon this site, that if I post a question, you’ll all dump your wealth of knowledge into my lap in an organized and specific manner.


What Noobs Say: “Mod Experienced”

What it really means: I bought LED’s had my car crew ‘help’ me install an intake. I’ve plasti-dipped my Mazda emblem and wheels. I’ve attended a few car shows and chatted with a few slightly more experienced guys (who’s cars were borderline in terms of intimidation). I can regurgitate what they’ve said about their builds in a single breath.


What Noobs Say: “Getting ready for a Car Show”

What it really means: I’m gonna go through a car wash and pay for the ‘deluxe-all inclusive’, so the inside will be detailed and the outside will shine with generic wax. I will then drive over to the show and park in the parking lot instead of the line, but take sweet pictures to put up on my facebook and Instagram.

Duct Tape

What Noobs Say: “I’m stage 1+”

What it really means: I have an intake, that I may or may not have installed myself.


What Noobs Say: “I am going big turbo next year”

What it really means: I have no clue what I need, and I can’t afford the supporting mods to do it anyway. I’m just trying to make it sound like I’m gonna be around for a while, and will make a name for myself ‘real soon’.


Whether you’ve been there, or are still there, don’t worry there is still room for improvement!

Stay safe, stay happy, stay fast!

Kim Russell-01


Feeling like your SkyActiv powered Mazda isn’t getting the “shining” attention it deserves? Maybe you’ve already bought every CorkSport item you can, but just want more! I can’t blame you really; it’s a virus that all car fanatics fight.  So here’s fuel for the fire! Introducing the aluminum crank pulley for 2.0L & 2.5L SkyActiv engines!

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 1.54.58 PM

Manufactured from high-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, this precision machined crank pulley is sure to give you that extra level of detail you’ve been searching for. Plus it’s 100% designed and manufactured right here in the Pacific NW, USA.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 1.57.41 PM

This crank pulley isn’t just for looks folks, it’s got bite too!  With a 68% weight reduction, compared to the OEM component, your engine is going to rev faster due to the lower moment of inertia of the rotating mass.  I can’t guarantee your bum will feel the difference, but your 2.0L will.

You may also be wondering: “The OEM component is steel, will the aluminum be strong enough?” Absolutely! We’ve been testing the component on an employee car for 2 months (roughly 2000 miles) without a single issue. The accessory belts put a very small, almost insignificant, amount of force on the pulley.  The real concern is the bolt that holds the pulley on, but we got that covered also, see below.


To be confident in the products we produce, we conduct FEA (Finite Element Analysis) on all applicable components.  In this case it is the bolt clamping force holding the pulley on the crank.  The crank pulley bolt is an M16x1.5 with a torque spec of 67-80 ft-lb.  For this analysis I used 79 ft-lb which creates a clamping force of 7557 lbf.  Looking at the color graph to the above, you can see that the maximum stress is ~12420 psi which is far below the material yield strength of ~40k psi.  So what does this mean to you? You can (but shouldn’t) torque that bolt down to ~250 ft-lb without worrying about your beautiful new pulley being structurally damaged, but you will have to worry about getting that bolt out next time, that’s your own problem.

Crank Pulley

Add some shine to your engine bay and just a little more pep in your step.  Keep an eye out for the product release in the near future! Offered in anodized black.  Zoom – Zoom!

Barett – CS Engineering